Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Womens shoes...?

Hi I am a very short guy. I can not seem to find a shoe that can make me taller. Is there a unisex or womens shoe I could wear to help increase my height? Thanks
Womens shoes...?
a lot of tennis shoes make people taller. like nike ones

Womens shoes...?
uh..unless u want to wear high heels no. you were born short just deal with it and be happy with yourself. i like guys better when they are themselves and try to be someone theyre not. youll find someone who will love u the natural height u are!
Reply:honestly girls don%26#039;t really care about how short you are. We honestly believe that its what in the inside that matters. We would think you look very odd in heels and you would have a harder time getting a date.
Reply:Tom Cruise ordered niki%26#039;s with an extra inch of soul. other than that, put some implants in your shoes. In the best case, forget about it and love life.

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