Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who's cuter ?

Me and my friend are having a friendly competition.

Who%26#039;s friendly.

And we were just dressing up being silly thats not how we really dress lol
Who%26#039;s cuter ?
the one with the red hair
Who%26#039;s cuter ?
they are all gorgeous but the 1st girl looks better her picture is cuter and she is pretty
Reply:they all are trying way to hard to look sexy and it%26#039;s not cool to look at the camera from stupid angles. don%26#039;t be surprised when grandpa sends you an email for being sleazy.
Reply:darker haired one.
Reply:The brown haired girl id say bur u cant really see very well from those funny angles so i could be wrong.
Reply:I think you both are Gorgeous. :)
Reply:RedHead!!! Which one is you?
Reply:the last one, although all pretty, but girls please so young dont show yourself off so much in bikini tops there are too many freaks on here. x
Reply:the darker haired girl......
Reply:I like the second girls outfit.

but you really cant see anyones face, but their all pretty.
Reply:i like the way you dress...

the one with the red hair is prettier in my opinion but you are both pretty and i enjoy funny angles
Reply:Oh my gosh. I love the blonde one%26#039;s bathingsuit. Is the blonde one you? Cause if it is, please tell where you got your bathingsuit. Ahh, its so cute. I%26#039;ve been looking for a zebra bathingsuit.

You guys are both very pretty (:
Reply:You are both equally pretty, the third pic is definetly the best
Reply:ok idk who is cutest or wateva, but fro the person who asked where to get a zebra bathing!!!!! my friend has it.
Reply:those are some pretty bad pics, take pictures of yourselves full bosy, or normally, not from the top
Reply:the 1st one
Reply:all sexy :P

liking the over head view if you know what i mean (the last pic) :P

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