Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eyebrow waxing again?

ok i know i already asked this question but im needing more help ok does anyone out there have the same problem with people saying that ur eyebrows look like triangles and i want to wax them but that might hurt i mean my mom tried plucking them but it hurts so do u think waxing them would be better cus i would get it over with faster and list some things that hurts worste then waxing eyebrows like bee stings, braces, pinching or somtin
Eyebrow waxing again?
waxing really isnt that bad. I think plucking hurts more. Once u start waxing though u really cant stop or ur eyebrows will look worse than before. A bee sting is much worse than waxing. It happens really fast. ITs like if you had a piece of tape on ur arm and pulled it off real fast. Make sure u go to an actual salon. Do not go to a nail salon!!

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