Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is kate winslet pretty?

People are always telling me I look like her, and I dont know whether to be flattered or not. Not just like family but like random people on the street come up and tell me, its rather strange. Anyways, do you all find her to be pretty? I%26#039;m not good at judging that type of thing.
Is kate winslet pretty?
Yes kate Winslet is Pretty
Is kate winslet pretty?
ugh yeah kkinda. she is a wierd beauty but she is pretty
Reply:when she was younger like in titanic yes, but she%26#039;s kinda getting old, and her beauty is sticking within
Reply:um well she%26#039;s not flattering to me
Reply:ya i geuss she is!!!! i mean i think so, and so do all my friends
Reply:dont know her.
Reply:yes. she is much more glamorous than a lot of other actresses and models. She also is a real woman, not a stick figure. she is by far my favorite actress and she is a really cool person.
Reply:I think she%26#039;s beautiful. :)
Reply:yes she is pretty but u must have ur pic included

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