Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanting to make a corset strapless...?

I have a strapped corset that I bought from Enchantwear, and I want to make it strapless. Any suggestions or ideas on how I should go about doing this, other that simply cutting off the straps?
Wanting to make a corset strapless...?
take it to alterarsation shop
Wanting to make a corset strapless...?
I dont know, if you show me a picture of what it looks like I%26#039;d probably be able to help you

Attraction spells?

does anyone know some attraction spells that will make girls think im cute(i dont want one that makes some 1 inperticular like me but cute girls i see on the street or something :) but any way yea 1 that attracts girls and only girls or anything close enough
Attraction spells?
Deodorant .... LOL
Attraction spells?
be sweet/caring/nice/dont act gross

better than any %26quot;spell%26quot; u nice good qualities outside!
Reply:dont be all like, %26quot;hey baby, pul my finger!%26quot; or %26quot;nice chest.%26quot;

just say, %26quot;hey i just saw you from across the room and thought you looked way too gorgeous to ignor e.%26quot; works on me.
Reply:i love u.

Myspace Friend Request issue. Help?

This girl who i know sent me a request on myspace the other day but we dont like eachother. I didnt even know her and people was telling me that she didnt like me.

So anyway, i accepted the request cause i love my haters.

And when i did she commented all my pics all nice as if we were friends....What should i do and What does this mean?

Do you think she%26#039;s trying to be my friend or this could be a set-up? I wouldnt mind being cool with her if she was sincere about it and stopped hating but i dont want to give in and be all nice and this could be a set-up

Myspace Friend Request issue. Help?
Wait it out...
Myspace Friend Request issue. Help?
hahahah this is dumb
Reply:no she tryna get to you

dont fall for it

i qot mad hatas too

ii know they strategies too well to falll for that

whatever you do, dont get off guard
Reply:you never know!

it could be a setup or she might just want to be friends.
Reply:i would just play her back! be all nice and sweet to her and then talk behind her back!
Reply:well just say , %26quot;thnx%26quot; and walk away. anyone who suddenly is nice aftr being mean is suspicious....
Reply:Hmm thats hard to tell! Just send her a message and tell her, I have been hearing that you don%26#039;t like me so I was just wondering why did you send a friend request and leave me nice comments. If you don%26#039;t like me, whats up with that? See what her response is, and take it from there.
Reply:do the same back and tread carefully as could be right it could b a set up but if u don%26#039;t mind being her friend y not give it ago like i say just b careful
Reply:well...just act as usual..but don%26#039;t try to overfriendly or over enimish...cuz..she might be up to anything...but just for now i think itz better if u just take er as a normal [hi-bye] frnd
Reply:the same thing happened to me a few days ago.

a girl that always gives me dirty looks %26amp; stares at me added me, but i nicely confronted her about it and now we cant stop laughing at our convos.

as long as your not being rude about it, the convo should come out nice. but dont let your gaurd down XD
Reply:be nice to her but stay on your guard. those ppl who said she didnt like you may have been lying and now shes trying to make up for it.
Reply:Why did you accept her as a friend in the first place. If this is a set up, then you have given her access to your myspace page and what ever information you have listed there.
Reply:Either she feels guilty and wants to really be friendly with you or...(the one I%26#039;d think:) she has a hidden agenda and wants to see the stuff on your page so that she can tell her friends,make fun of what you say/your pictures, ect... I%26#039;d be REALLY suspicious!
Reply:do what you think is right. i dont hink its a set-up.

She would have made it more noticing.

Try not to hurt her feelings, but if she talks trash, screw her feelings.
Reply:If she talks to you, be nice, but stay on your guard. I have been through the same thing at least 5 times this school year, and I wish I had this advice for myself earlier, but it%26#039;s too late now (she punched me in my face, literally) so just keep the fact that she could be fake in the front of your mind, but don%26#039;t let her know that you are on to her little trick. Good luck!!!
Reply:I would email her and be honest about how you felt she treated you in the past, I had an ex boyfriend start writing me not to long ago, our break up was really bad and I flat out told him how he made me feel and we are talking nicely now with no harsh feelings.
Reply:Just dont reply to her. If she comments to you reply politely but dont comment her first. It sounds a bit fishy but then again she might just feel bad.
Reply:Comment her, saying

%26quot;Thanks for the pic comments.%26quot;

Then, see what happens.

Maybe she just wants you to comment her pics, ahaha.
Reply:Confront the issue- That is the most mature thing to do. Let her know how you feel-- what you%26#039;ve heard etc.. Most girls are understanding- She will appreciate your maturity
Reply:c wants to b ur friend or c has come up with a new idea to let u down

Contact lenses?

I am wanting to get coloured contact lenses instead of wearing glasses. I%26#039;m wondering what colour would look nice for a fair/tan complexion, what brand is recommended and how much it may be.
Contact lenses?
i also have fair/tan skin. i get freshlook color blend and use the colors gray, green and pure hazel, it%26#039;s very pretty. depends on your insurance or where you buy them. like i got 3 boxes for 10 dollars because of my insurance at my eye doctor%26#039;s and when i bought them at Costco is was 75 dollars. Gray is my favorite color. People always thinks it%26#039;s my real color because it blend in with brown eyes.
Contact lenses?
Don%26#039;t get coloured contacts, whatever you do!

There are no coloured contacts that look real, and it will be blatantly obvious that you are wearing them and trying to hide your real eye colour. Get clear contacts, I have them and love them. Other than that, play with your makeup and clothing colours to bring out different colours in your eyes.

I want to wear fancy dresses because I like them but I can't think of any places to wear them?

Dresses like these? Where would it be appropriate and expected that you are to wear dresses like these?
I want to wear fancy dresses because I like them but I can%26#039;t think of any places to wear them?
Wear them out and about. Make those clothes what you wear daily. Who says dresses aren%26#039;t for the mall or the coffee shop?
I want to wear fancy dresses because I like them but I can%26#039;t think of any places to wear them?
i think u can wear d first one to work or anywhere...

2nd one i guess or any nice party
Reply:you can wear dresses like that casual if you dress them down with a ponytail or even with tennis shoes like lily allen does. i wear dresses to the movies and to the mall just with casual shoes and stuff
Reply:I wear fancy dresses all the time. You just have to get used to them and they do make you feel great. The first one isn%26#039;t very fancy at all, but you could try to dress the second down with a simple cardigan and some simple jewellry if you don%26#039;t feel as comfortable being fancy. I used to think people%26#039;d think I was an idiot, but then I realised that no one really cares about what anyone else wears. (And I personally think both dresses are lovely, especially the second)
Reply:hey if you want to wear things like that wear it just nothing like a huge, puffy, wedding dress. but you could get away with wearing a a dress like what you showed in the pictures. but if you do want to wear Fancy outfits try wearing them to a party or a wedding cause you should be casual, not too fancy but something nice, BUT... if that%26#039;s how you want to dress then i say dress like that, be you and be yourself that%26#039;s all that matters!!! rock on, and Good Luck!!!!!;)
Reply:Honestly, I would wear them (especially the first one) just for hanging out with my friends or parties or school or whatever. I think as long as you accessorize the dress right, it can look really casual and cool.

Good luck!

How to get colored contacts?

I want to get colored contacts,but I don%26#039;t know how to.I like my current eye color but I really like trying new things,so... Anyway,do I have to get a prescription even if I don%26#039;t have any vision problems?And if I have to,then how do I get it?

I have dark brown hair,dark brown eyes(they%26#039;re almond and medium-sized),and medium beige skin.I%26#039;m thinking of getting dark amber or medium brown ones.Do you think those colors would look good on me?I think hazel ones would look really pretty on me,but I%26#039;m single-eyelided Asian,so I think it might make my eyes look kinda weird(I%26#039;m not being racist here).But anyway,what color do you think would look good on me?

How to get colored contacts?
u should get light brown and u can get them with perfect vision!
How to get colored contacts?
Yes you need a prescription. I have been wearing contacts since I was 11. The eye exam tells the doctor the shape and size of your eye so that your contacts will fit properly. Some eye exams cost around $90. But you can go to a place like Pearl Vision where they frequently run specials for free eye exam if you purchase contacts. I saw an Asian girl at a movie store with these deep blue contacts, it was so cool, I immediately went out and got my own! There is also another super cool color by FreshLook Contacts that is a brown/hazel color that is very flattering on everyone, it makes your eyes look shiny! Good luck!
Reply:order some off the internet. simple:)

Girls.... * jumps out of the closet wearing a tight g-string and shouts " Peek a boo! " * yes ?

or NO ? lol

get back to me on this intelligent thought evoking %26#039;question%26#039; (i got REALLY bored, the euro 2008 is boring the pants off of me :-D )
Girls.... * jumps out of the closet wearing a tight g-string and shouts %26quot; Peek a boo! %26quot; * yes ?
what? i dont get your question?
Girls.... * jumps out of the closet wearing a tight g-string and shouts %26quot; Peek a boo! %26quot; * yes ?
Depends if shes a major slag or just sexually active
Reply:i would probably scream and then laugh
Reply:absolutley yes yes yes,

of course it would have to be my husband who jumped out if it were you i would scream and run away as i dont know you.....x
Reply:i would probally burst out into laughter, then call you my best friend, and give you a hug.
Reply:Haha i%26#039;d scream, kick you in the nads and run away laughing! =P

euro 2008 is currently boring me aswell
Reply:laugh scream and cry!
Reply:hmmmmi would have to say NO. no to you. and if it was my man then just no to the g string, boxerd will do nicely.