Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanting to make a corset strapless...?

I have a strapped corset that I bought from Enchantwear, and I want to make it strapless. Any suggestions or ideas on how I should go about doing this, other that simply cutting off the straps?
Wanting to make a corset strapless...?
take it to alterarsation shop
Wanting to make a corset strapless...?
I dont know, if you show me a picture of what it looks like I%26#039;d probably be able to help you

Attraction spells?

does anyone know some attraction spells that will make girls think im cute(i dont want one that makes some 1 inperticular like me but cute girls i see on the street or something :) but any way yea 1 that attracts girls and only girls or anything close enough
Attraction spells?
Deodorant .... LOL
Attraction spells?
be sweet/caring/nice/dont act gross

better than any %26quot;spell%26quot; u nice good qualities outside!
Reply:dont be all like, %26quot;hey baby, pul my finger!%26quot; or %26quot;nice chest.%26quot;

just say, %26quot;hey i just saw you from across the room and thought you looked way too gorgeous to ignor e.%26quot; works on me.
Reply:i love u.

Myspace Friend Request issue. Help?

This girl who i know sent me a request on myspace the other day but we dont like eachother. I didnt even know her and people was telling me that she didnt like me.

So anyway, i accepted the request cause i love my haters.

And when i did she commented all my pics all nice as if we were friends....What should i do and What does this mean?

Do you think she%26#039;s trying to be my friend or this could be a set-up? I wouldnt mind being cool with her if she was sincere about it and stopped hating but i dont want to give in and be all nice and this could be a set-up

Myspace Friend Request issue. Help?
Wait it out...
Myspace Friend Request issue. Help?
hahahah this is dumb
Reply:no she tryna get to you

dont fall for it

i qot mad hatas too

ii know they strategies too well to falll for that

whatever you do, dont get off guard
Reply:you never know!

it could be a setup or she might just want to be friends.
Reply:i would just play her back! be all nice and sweet to her and then talk behind her back!
Reply:well just say , %26quot;thnx%26quot; and walk away. anyone who suddenly is nice aftr being mean is suspicious....
Reply:Hmm thats hard to tell! Just send her a message and tell her, I have been hearing that you don%26#039;t like me so I was just wondering why did you send a friend request and leave me nice comments. If you don%26#039;t like me, whats up with that? See what her response is, and take it from there.
Reply:do the same back and tread carefully as could be right it could b a set up but if u don%26#039;t mind being her friend y not give it ago like i say just b careful
Reply:well...just act as usual..but don%26#039;t try to overfriendly or over enimish...cuz..she might be up to anything...but just for now i think itz better if u just take er as a normal [hi-bye] frnd
Reply:the same thing happened to me a few days ago.

a girl that always gives me dirty looks %26amp; stares at me added me, but i nicely confronted her about it and now we cant stop laughing at our convos.

as long as your not being rude about it, the convo should come out nice. but dont let your gaurd down XD
Reply:be nice to her but stay on your guard. those ppl who said she didnt like you may have been lying and now shes trying to make up for it.
Reply:Why did you accept her as a friend in the first place. If this is a set up, then you have given her access to your myspace page and what ever information you have listed there.
Reply:Either she feels guilty and wants to really be friendly with you or...(the one I%26#039;d think:) she has a hidden agenda and wants to see the stuff on your page so that she can tell her friends,make fun of what you say/your pictures, ect... I%26#039;d be REALLY suspicious!
Reply:do what you think is right. i dont hink its a set-up.

She would have made it more noticing.

Try not to hurt her feelings, but if she talks trash, screw her feelings.
Reply:If she talks to you, be nice, but stay on your guard. I have been through the same thing at least 5 times this school year, and I wish I had this advice for myself earlier, but it%26#039;s too late now (she punched me in my face, literally) so just keep the fact that she could be fake in the front of your mind, but don%26#039;t let her know that you are on to her little trick. Good luck!!!
Reply:I would email her and be honest about how you felt she treated you in the past, I had an ex boyfriend start writing me not to long ago, our break up was really bad and I flat out told him how he made me feel and we are talking nicely now with no harsh feelings.
Reply:Just dont reply to her. If she comments to you reply politely but dont comment her first. It sounds a bit fishy but then again she might just feel bad.
Reply:Comment her, saying

%26quot;Thanks for the pic comments.%26quot;

Then, see what happens.

Maybe she just wants you to comment her pics, ahaha.
Reply:Confront the issue- That is the most mature thing to do. Let her know how you feel-- what you%26#039;ve heard etc.. Most girls are understanding- She will appreciate your maturity
Reply:c wants to b ur friend or c has come up with a new idea to let u down

Contact lenses?

I am wanting to get coloured contact lenses instead of wearing glasses. I%26#039;m wondering what colour would look nice for a fair/tan complexion, what brand is recommended and how much it may be.
Contact lenses?
i also have fair/tan skin. i get freshlook color blend and use the colors gray, green and pure hazel, it%26#039;s very pretty. depends on your insurance or where you buy them. like i got 3 boxes for 10 dollars because of my insurance at my eye doctor%26#039;s and when i bought them at Costco is was 75 dollars. Gray is my favorite color. People always thinks it%26#039;s my real color because it blend in with brown eyes.
Contact lenses?
Don%26#039;t get coloured contacts, whatever you do!

There are no coloured contacts that look real, and it will be blatantly obvious that you are wearing them and trying to hide your real eye colour. Get clear contacts, I have them and love them. Other than that, play with your makeup and clothing colours to bring out different colours in your eyes.

I want to wear fancy dresses because I like them but I can't think of any places to wear them?

Dresses like these? Where would it be appropriate and expected that you are to wear dresses like these?
I want to wear fancy dresses because I like them but I can%26#039;t think of any places to wear them?
Wear them out and about. Make those clothes what you wear daily. Who says dresses aren%26#039;t for the mall or the coffee shop?
I want to wear fancy dresses because I like them but I can%26#039;t think of any places to wear them?
i think u can wear d first one to work or anywhere...

2nd one i guess or any nice party
Reply:you can wear dresses like that casual if you dress them down with a ponytail or even with tennis shoes like lily allen does. i wear dresses to the movies and to the mall just with casual shoes and stuff
Reply:I wear fancy dresses all the time. You just have to get used to them and they do make you feel great. The first one isn%26#039;t very fancy at all, but you could try to dress the second down with a simple cardigan and some simple jewellry if you don%26#039;t feel as comfortable being fancy. I used to think people%26#039;d think I was an idiot, but then I realised that no one really cares about what anyone else wears. (And I personally think both dresses are lovely, especially the second)
Reply:hey if you want to wear things like that wear it just nothing like a huge, puffy, wedding dress. but you could get away with wearing a a dress like what you showed in the pictures. but if you do want to wear Fancy outfits try wearing them to a party or a wedding cause you should be casual, not too fancy but something nice, BUT... if that%26#039;s how you want to dress then i say dress like that, be you and be yourself that%26#039;s all that matters!!! rock on, and Good Luck!!!!!;)
Reply:Honestly, I would wear them (especially the first one) just for hanging out with my friends or parties or school or whatever. I think as long as you accessorize the dress right, it can look really casual and cool.

Good luck!

How to get colored contacts?

I want to get colored contacts,but I don%26#039;t know how to.I like my current eye color but I really like trying new things,so... Anyway,do I have to get a prescription even if I don%26#039;t have any vision problems?And if I have to,then how do I get it?

I have dark brown hair,dark brown eyes(they%26#039;re almond and medium-sized),and medium beige skin.I%26#039;m thinking of getting dark amber or medium brown ones.Do you think those colors would look good on me?I think hazel ones would look really pretty on me,but I%26#039;m single-eyelided Asian,so I think it might make my eyes look kinda weird(I%26#039;m not being racist here).But anyway,what color do you think would look good on me?

How to get colored contacts?
u should get light brown and u can get them with perfect vision!
How to get colored contacts?
Yes you need a prescription. I have been wearing contacts since I was 11. The eye exam tells the doctor the shape and size of your eye so that your contacts will fit properly. Some eye exams cost around $90. But you can go to a place like Pearl Vision where they frequently run specials for free eye exam if you purchase contacts. I saw an Asian girl at a movie store with these deep blue contacts, it was so cool, I immediately went out and got my own! There is also another super cool color by FreshLook Contacts that is a brown/hazel color that is very flattering on everyone, it makes your eyes look shiny! Good luck!
Reply:order some off the internet. simple:)

Girls.... * jumps out of the closet wearing a tight g-string and shouts " Peek a boo! " * yes ?

or NO ? lol

get back to me on this intelligent thought evoking %26#039;question%26#039; (i got REALLY bored, the euro 2008 is boring the pants off of me :-D )
Girls.... * jumps out of the closet wearing a tight g-string and shouts %26quot; Peek a boo! %26quot; * yes ?
what? i dont get your question?
Girls.... * jumps out of the closet wearing a tight g-string and shouts %26quot; Peek a boo! %26quot; * yes ?
Depends if shes a major slag or just sexually active
Reply:i would probably scream and then laugh
Reply:absolutley yes yes yes,

of course it would have to be my husband who jumped out if it were you i would scream and run away as i dont know you.....x
Reply:i would probally burst out into laughter, then call you my best friend, and give you a hug.
Reply:Haha i%26#039;d scream, kick you in the nads and run away laughing! =P

euro 2008 is currently boring me aswell
Reply:laugh scream and cry!
Reply:hmmmmi would have to say NO. no to you. and if it was my man then just no to the g string, boxerd will do nicely.

Make boobs look small?

i am 18 and 36D and i get the wrong attention all the time that i hate. i dont want surgery cause i refuse to be fake or do anything with my body but are their any ways u can make them look smaller. i use to wear layers but u cant do that anymore with a million degrees outside? ty
Make boobs look small?
A good supportive bra that fits properly is crucial.

And avoid wearing clothes that draw attention to your bust such as v-necks or ruching in the chest area.
Make boobs look small?
You%26#039;re lucky i have the exact opposite problem...
Reply:You can get minimizer bras. Look on
Reply:wow ! i really dont kno besides a breast reduction

All i can think of is dont wear push up bras,tight shirts,too small shirts

you can wear over sized shirts even though i know you probably still want to look cute

but i also heard of taping down your breast this is what jennifer Hudson did idk much about so you could look into that

Hope all works out !
Reply:just wear loose clothing. like flowy peasant type shirts. they can still be cute but hide your curves. and you wont be burning in the heat.
Reply:A sports bra will help minimize your breast. But it might be uncomfortable to wear all day. i don%26#039;t know. Like the first girl that answered, buy good high quality bras.
Reply:show your boobs with pride! millions of people would pay for your boobs id love bigger boobs!

just ignore people you dont wnat attention from

attention is a good thing anyway :) you would feel depressed if you didint get any

just look sexy and confident and smile if poeople stare and justb think yeah im hot dont watch me you ediots lol!
Reply:Well I%26#039;m 18 and I wear a 38 DD and there isn%26#039;t much you can do other than ignore the negative attention.I wish there was like a surgery where they take your fat and put it somewhere you want it on your body.
Reply:get some scissors
Reply:sports bras or wearing 2 bras at a time. try to stay away from low cut tank tops.
Reply:I think you have a %26quot;problem%26quot; millions of women would give anything to have! But to answer your question, you might try on different colors. I know they say in hot weather that black is not a cool color since black supposedly absorbs heat (well, maybe, IF you%26#039;re out standing in direct sunlight!), but darker colors do sort of hide contours by making the shading of (that is, shadowing on) those contours less obvious. So, I%26#039;d suggest solid dark colors that hide contours. Oh, and avoid stripes, since stripes make the contours real obvious.
Reply:Omg, I know how you feel. I am 13 and wear a 36 D, and that is all the guys pay attention to. Try buying clothes that draw attention away from the bust. V-necks, and low cut tops automatically bring attention to the bust so stay away from those. Using Bright, cute necklaces can draw the attention away from the neckline. Eye catching make-up can also help draw the attention away. Avoid large prints, Breast pockets and plunging necklines
Reply:Avoid high neck lines, they make breasts look not only big but kind of disfigured. A good supportive bra, always. Go get measured, you could be wearing the wrong size. A scoop neck would be the best, not a very low one, but showing your collarbone and a bit of clevage. Or something strapless with a straight top, that goes right over your boobs. Tops that are baggy around your breasts will also make them bigger looking. Get one with %26quot;darts%26quot; (little seams sort of) under the bust, and make sure your clothes fit well. An empire waisted top/dress will give you better shape and if it has enough converage would actually make your breats look smaller, they work for everyone I think. Avoid those smock top things with a seam like, running over the top of your chest at all costs. And go for fitted clothes, as opposed to tight ones. I know you probably hate them. Scoop necks really are the best thing probably, not v necks though. Hope this helps, have a nice summer.

Beauty help?

i have greenish/blueish eyes and i dnt kno what makeup to wear with them to make them stand out!! help!!
Beauty help?
brown eye shadow/ like neutral tones make green and blue eyes stick out
Beauty help?
I think u should wear blush and like dark eye shadow! I think it works at least on me!!!
Reply:I have a friend who is a really light complected girl with blond/red hair and she has bright green eyes, and she makes them really pop by using a bright greenish gold shadow and blends it up with a medium green it looks great! she uses black mascara too to really bring it out.
Reply:A dark eye shadow like grey.

Answer mine please:
Reply:if i were you i would wear a lite brown or a dark blueish colar cause it will make them stand out trust me i know someone whoe has those color eyes and it looks good on her, but if you want a different color of eyeshadow not brown then try to get contacts that are a different color, good luck keep rockin%26#039;!!!!!!;)))

Anyone know of a good place to get a Brazilian wax in Charleston, SC?

I%26#039;ve been going to a place in Columbia, SC that%26#039;s really great, but I can%26#039;t seem to find the time to get back there. I%26#039;m about to go down to Charleston anyway, so does anyone know of any place with a really great Brazilian waxer? If you do, can I have the name of the spa and hopefully the name of the waxer? Thanks!!

Is this a safe product for a 13 year old girl???

These are some skin lightening products that I%26#039;m interested in buying. Do you think these products are safe for my skin? And if not explain why.
Is this a safe product for a 13 year old girl???
if you neeed to use them, pick the olay.

it%26#039;s a good brand so i don%26#039;t see why the product would harm your skin too much.

but you should ask a dermatologist before you use any of them just to make sure they%26#039;re not harmful.

Is this a safe product for a 13 year old girl???
Stop already! You%26#039;re exposing your face to foreign substances and you haven%26#039;t even given it a chance to fully grow yet. None of the products you listed are organic, which means a long list of reasons not to use it exists; including petroleum-based fertilizers to grow the raw products, pesticides to kill the bugs, etc. Fair and Flawless contains an acid that is an expectorant (makes you produce loogies) and you want to put it on your face?!

Try this instead. Heat a pot of water so that it%26#039;s slowly releasing steam (boil on low heat) up into your face and put a towel behind your head to hep capture the steam. This will help open your pores. Then rinse your face with ice cold water to close them up again. If you absolutely must put something on your face to give you relief; apply raw aloe.

And don%26#039;t stop there; put good foods into your body so new acne isn%26#039;t created from poor-quality foods (i.e. fast foods, greasy, fried stuff, McDonald%26#039;s, etc.). Live raw, organic, vegan first-then if you still have problems with acne-figure out what part of raw, organic, vegan you%26#039;re not doing right.
Reply:i think not...

you should never risk your skin

for some lightning products

and have you ever heard of %26quot;Love the skin your in%26quot;

yea you should

as much as you would like to go lighter

there are billions of people risking to get tan or dark skin like yours

so dont bother risking your health

its not worth it
Reply:No because they are chemicals you ever seen Michael jackson today? He looks a mess and this is because he tried to lightnen his skin. Dont use it. Its not healthy and can lead to cancer and damage to your skin where you cant be exposed to sunlight
Reply:Does age really matter? Wait, what I mean to say is, you are too young, when you are 13 you get cancer from this product. Wait until you%26#039;re 14, sorry.
Reply:don%26#039;t use it. end of. no matter what age

it could easily go wrong and you will regret it...

also, love the skin your in, people appreciate you for that :)
Reply:I%26#039;d say go see a dermatologist instead of potentially ruining your skin, you are so young and should be careful about what you use on your skin.
Reply:out of the two i would say olay bit i dnt kno how good these are for your skin, i would go to a dermatologist for help! :) good luck!
Reply:Nothing at age 13 is good to use for your skin right now.

Enjoy your young skin and enjoy being young while you can!

Who's cuter ?

Me and my friend are having a friendly competition.

Who%26#039;s friendly.

And we were just dressing up being silly thats not how we really dress lol
Who%26#039;s cuter ?
the one with the red hair
Who%26#039;s cuter ?
they are all gorgeous but the 1st girl looks better her picture is cuter and she is pretty
Reply:they all are trying way to hard to look sexy and it%26#039;s not cool to look at the camera from stupid angles. don%26#039;t be surprised when grandpa sends you an email for being sleazy.
Reply:darker haired one.
Reply:The brown haired girl id say bur u cant really see very well from those funny angles so i could be wrong.
Reply:I think you both are Gorgeous. :)
Reply:RedHead!!! Which one is you?
Reply:the last one, although all pretty, but girls please so young dont show yourself off so much in bikini tops there are too many freaks on here. x
Reply:the darker haired girl......
Reply:I like the second girls outfit.

but you really cant see anyones face, but their all pretty.
Reply:i like the way you dress...

the one with the red hair is prettier in my opinion but you are both pretty and i enjoy funny angles
Reply:Oh my gosh. I love the blonde one%26#039;s bathingsuit. Is the blonde one you? Cause if it is, please tell where you got your bathingsuit. Ahh, its so cute. I%26#039;ve been looking for a zebra bathingsuit.

You guys are both very pretty (:
Reply:You are both equally pretty, the third pic is definetly the best
Reply:ok idk who is cutest or wateva, but fro the person who asked where to get a zebra bathing!!!!! my friend has it.
Reply:those are some pretty bad pics, take pictures of yourselves full bosy, or normally, not from the top
Reply:the 1st one
Reply:all sexy :P

liking the over head view if you know what i mean (the last pic) :P

Eyebrow waxing again?

ok i know i already asked this question but im needing more help ok does anyone out there have the same problem with people saying that ur eyebrows look like triangles and i want to wax them but that might hurt i mean my mom tried plucking them but it hurts so do u think waxing them would be better cus i would get it over with faster and list some things that hurts worste then waxing eyebrows like bee stings, braces, pinching or somtin
Eyebrow waxing again?
waxing really isnt that bad. I think plucking hurts more. Once u start waxing though u really cant stop or ur eyebrows will look worse than before. A bee sting is much worse than waxing. It happens really fast. ITs like if you had a piece of tape on ur arm and pulled it off real fast. Make sure u go to an actual salon. Do not go to a nail salon!!

Healthy food to help clear skin?

What else should i do? i started eating healthy food! i drink green tea...horrible stuff lol....!

Fruit...5 a day! veg am trying to eat as much as i can!

bottle of water each day!

Anyway anything else would be great!

I dont smoke,drink so thats sorted! i hardly eat sweet food now!

My skin looks a bit better,i get few spots...not so many but can be worse at marks! anyway i just this healthy eating!
Healthy food to help clear skin?
Healthy food to help clear skin?
I don%26#039;t think you can eat certain foods that will make your skin clearer, but not eating certain foods (junk food) will make your skin clearer.
Reply:i think your well on your way :) avoid all greasy foods, really sweet stuff, and be sure to drink lots of water. but ur already doing that so nope. nothing else. good job sweetie!!!
Reply:Skip the green tea.

Drink more H2O. At least a half gallon. Water%26#039;s the best thing for skin.
Reply:Sounds like you are doing a good job! Take multivitamins, and drink 3 bottles a day instead of one.

Good luck!
Reply:eliminate dairy and other fattening foods.
Reply:drink LOADS of water, more than just a bottle

and don%26#039;t wear foundation

Reply:I had moderate acne and redness and I tried all kinds of products from OTC to prescription to expensive Salon products. The best product on the market right now is ProActive, it clears skin and improves how it looks. It is a complete miracle. I would also recommend getting facials if you can afford it, they are awesome. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water and exercise!
Reply:It sounds like your doing everything right..try to have more than 1 bottle of water a day though..the recommended guideline is 8 glasses!

Other than that your doing very well! Remember vitamin E is very good for skin. Just keep with it and you%26#039;ll soon get the rewards!

Doing some form of excercise will also give you that glow

good luck x
Reply:Add sugar to your Green tea or buy flavored green tea.

Eat foods high in vitamin C or take tablets everyday. They make your skin look younger and healthier.

Answer mine please:
Reply:Cherries are supposed to be good for cleansing ones face.
Reply:foods with good fats in them i have heard help



etc ..


also you could try face masks and simple products(they are amazing)
Reply:Technically es it shoudl work in theory since your body will expell what is put in to it

What goes in must go out

And when your eating stuff like chocolates, chips etc

All that fat is going in and comes out though your pores of yur skin when you sweat.

So yes I would agree partially

However it has been proven that streess is the main cause as it lowers your immune systen when your dealing with a stressful situation even if you dont think of it as stresfull

Stuf that is stresfull (on the body) not necesarely the mind

Staying up late (Little sleep)

Coffee drinkinging (as stimulates the heart)

Little amounts of food (as body needs to work on the reserves)




family problems

dealing with a bad experiance (such as rape)

dealing with a loss in the femily etc

dealiung with a break up ina relationship


List goes on any how

But basically when your stressed your body requires more energy and protein, we naturally have bacteria on our skin and ores but with the protein being used up for energy elsewere means there is non for making anti bodies

So the backteria manages to spead into a spot



gets rid of them non of this clearasil crap, its a lotion designed to kill specifically the bacteria that makes acne

gives you a clear complexion after about 2-3 months of using it and i suffered from it bad wen i was a kid
Reply:I got adult acne on my chin and the only thing that cleared it was using antibiotic lotion for a few months. Now it%26#039;s cleared I use a serum from no7 beutifully clear and mosturise with a light lotion. Also, I%26#039;ve been taking b, e and c vitamins.
Reply:well , what your doing is great , some peoples skin is different to others tho , but if you keep doing what your doing , they%26#039;ll be gone in no time atall

Which cologne smells the most like soap? Or Irish Spring? I want a clean, crisp, subtle scent.?

Which cologne smells the most like soap? Or Irish Spring? I want a clean, crisp, subtle scent.?
Defintely Irish Spring bt nt the aloe kind that dad uses it and it smells great.

Can You Help Me Please?

Okay. Well. my mom always says i%26#039;m pretty. and then some of my mom%26#039;s friends say i%26#039;m pretty. sometimes i think i am, and other times i think i am really ugly..

Would you say someone with fairly pale skin, brown eyes, brown curly hair, a %26quot;pudgy%26quot; nose, hazel eyes, and a fair complexion is pretty??

11 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

0 seconds ago

Here is a picture. This is my most recent one. and the reason i%26#039;ve been asked this is because i don%26#039;t feel as pretty when i look at pictures as i used to.



[i%26#039;ve already asked this. but then i got an email saying the question was deleted. but i don%26#039;t know.]
Can You Help Me Please?
wdf are u trying to ask, sorry not my tyep
Can You Help Me Please?
i think your beautiful! your skin is perfect! you look prettier in sidebangs.
Reply:You have potential.

And your face looks a little shiny which normally means oil.
Reply:Well, i always say, everyone is pretty in they%26#039;r own way.

Yes even me Haha.

But if you look at yourself and call yourself Ugly ect..

Your mind with tell you and make you keep on thinking that your ugly.

But keep telling youself your pretty and accept compliments off people.

Hope this helped

Craig. 14 year old wounder ;D
Reply:You are pretty. You will come to appreciate beauty more as you get older.
Reply:hmm you%26#039;re not beautiful or anything, but you have a natural beauty. your eyebrows are really far apart though you should see what you can do about that, it would make your face more in proportion. dont give yourself too much esteme, you%26#039;re only a little bit over average.
Reply:hey remember mothers lie to not make you feel bad (a few month ago you were looking better)
Reply:strten your hair more
Reply:So, are your eyes blue?

Or... brown, and hazel?

I%26#039;m thinking gray. I unno man.

what colour are your eyes??

Reply:i love your hair, it%26#039;s so cute!

maybe you should try wearing a little bit of eye makeup just to make your eyes stand out a bit.

it%26#039;s hard to tell from just a picture, but i think you%26#039;re cute.
Reply:honey you are still so young..

I think you are very pretty, what I like about your look, is you dont seem to be one of those tweens or teens that wear tooo much makeup and skanky clothes, I cant believe what some of these little girls wear today.

you are beautiful.
Reply:your not ugly nor beautiful. your pretty for a little girl. but if you want to look better fix your hair a little and wax your eye brows.
Reply:You look a lot better in your second picture.
Reply:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes it burns i just looked at the two uglyest pics in the world wait ill look again ok brace yourself 1.2.3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY EYES THEY BURT AWAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Reply:Be careful of whose approval you are seeking. You look young enough to catch the approval of a pedophile that would like to capitalize on your insecurity.

Wait until you%26#039;re old enough (at least 18) to vote and support children with a job before you start giving a damn about your appearance. If you%26#039;re seeking a job-your appearance should be professional, not personal.

Beware of people that tell you what you want to hear-just so they can get into your pants. It%26#039;s an ugly world out there and posting your picture online is a bad way to look for good people based on your own looks. People should like you for your personality, not your shell. How much would people who like your looks like you if you were disfigured in a terrible accident? That%26#039;s how you know who your real friends are and who really cares about you.
Reply:Honey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You are not ugly but at the same time you will not be winning any Miss America pageants! Inner beauty is always more beautiful than outer beauty! Focus on that instead!
Reply:girl all u really need is to pluck your eye brows, straiten your hair, put on some makeup and brush ur teeth some more or get teeth whitener.

Trust me i was extremly ugly till i changed the way i looked not my personality just my apperance. im still a kid to so i thought it would be good for a change in my looks and i look great.

ur no way near ugly but if u want to u can make ur self pritter buy doing what i said.
Reply:i like the older one better, in the newer one it looks like you are yonger. go back to stright hair and partid bangs. how old are you like 11? it%26#039;s not abig deal what others think of you. your mum%26#039;s all whys going to think that your pretty and you feel pretty then you are. your nose is not as pudgy as you make out i%26#039;v seen much wross and people still think that she%26#039;s cute.
Reply:I am sure you are pretty. You should not worry about it anyway.
Reply:I can say that you look pretty normal, you have very little flaws that can be hidden by a small touch of make up.....If you feel that there is something wrong with the way you look, try letting your hair loose on your forhead.....It will show the roundness of your face.....

Girls, what kind of body would you like on a guy?

Age: 17



Girls, what kind of body would you like on a guy?
I%26#039;m more into the Skinny guys:]

Usually they%26#039;re mega cuter.
Girls, what kind of body would you like on a guy?
well i like the first picture but a body means nothing if the person inside it is an a** you know what i mean well i tend to like bigger guys because they are nice but every girl wants that bad boy lol

Channing Tatum, is HOT :D
Reply:skinny guys look better to me, a buff looking meathead is just gross. but i don%26#039;t want the anorexic type the first pic was the best and the guy was cuter than the others.
Reply:I want a lean guy cuz you dont feel like you%26#039;re resting your head on his rib cage but his big huge abs.....ahhh yes. so romantic. star gazing. :]
Reply:SKINNY SKINNY. deff. muscular guy= major ew

Whats ur favortie store?

and why?=P

Whats ur favortie store?
wet seal, they have everything, and their clothes are cheap.
Whats ur favortie store?
Aeropostale,cause they have clothes that fit me perfectley and they are cheap!
Reply:Hmmm....Pacsun because their clothes are awsome!
Reply:my favorite stores are HOLLISTER, and AROPOSTEL, and AMBERCROMBE, i also like FASHION BUG!!!!
Reply:Jane norman....cute clothes :-) just really pretty!
Reply:Hollister Ambercrombie Areo Amer. Eagle. Pac Sun. Tilly%26#039;s pretty much n e surf/ skate shop beause there clothes are cute and they fit!
Reply:WAL-MART anyways why do you ask

i like that store cause i got my brithday cake from there and it was del-ious

if you know what i mean
Reply:Hollister! wet seal! ambercombie!and aeropostale because they have EVERYTHING!!

Is kate winslet pretty?

People are always telling me I look like her, and I dont know whether to be flattered or not. Not just like family but like random people on the street come up and tell me, its rather strange. Anyways, do you all find her to be pretty? I%26#039;m not good at judging that type of thing.
Is kate winslet pretty?
Yes kate Winslet is Pretty
Is kate winslet pretty?
ugh yeah kkinda. she is a wierd beauty but she is pretty
Reply:when she was younger like in titanic yes, but she%26#039;s kinda getting old, and her beauty is sticking within
Reply:um well she%26#039;s not flattering to me
Reply:ya i geuss she is!!!! i mean i think so, and so do all my friends
Reply:dont know her.
Reply:yes. she is much more glamorous than a lot of other actresses and models. She also is a real woman, not a stick figure. she is by far my favorite actress and she is a really cool person.
Reply:I think she%26#039;s beautiful. :)
Reply:yes she is pretty but u must have ur pic included

Do guys really care how girls dress?

well im not a guy but yahh they do
Do guys really care how girls dress?
I%26#039;m not a guy but i would say yes if i were a guy cause i care how guys dress...kinda....
Do guys really care how girls dress?
yea they do.
Reply:Would you date a guy that dressed like your granddad? Vice versa.
Reply:yes, but thats not the most important part
Reply:Durrr :)
Reply:I guess they do
Reply:Yes they do!
Reply:of course they do but guys worth your time don%26#039;t ONLY care about that. ask yourself if you care about how a guy dresses. if a guy dressed like:

would you date him?
Reply:I think a guy does like how a girl dress, but most guys look for personalty.
Reply:fer sher homie
Reply:I don%26#039;t...
Reply:yes they do.

Hair and makeup tips?

if anyone is as bored as me, please help me out.

i have naturally dark blonde hair and green eyes,

i dyed my hair brown but it faded to a sort of orangey shade of brown and i hate it.

i have wavy hair but i straighten it daily.

i have an oval face, tan skin, and almond eyes.

what would look good hair/makeup-wise?
Hair and makeup tips?
Gold eyshadow would look ver pretty.

Hmmm...I think you should go brunette.
Hair and makeup tips?
Leave your hair wavy. That would look natural and so cute!

If your hair looks orangey shade of brown its probably pretty. You can get any hairstyle and still look good with it because an oval face can pull off any hairstyle!

Answer mine please:
Reply:you put make-up only on saturdays okay
Reply:The best thing you can do for yourself is to be natural. As long as you wear make-up you are perpetuating the plastic, superficial world propagated around the globe. Look your best with fire, water and air.

Cosmetic products are not controlled by the FDA-so they can put crap in there that you wouldn%26#039;t expect; ground up beetles and fish scales in lipstick, for example. Even shampoos containing SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate %26amp; Sodium Laureth Sulfate) cause miscarriages in lab-mice and memory-loss in humans.

If you must wear make-up; go organic. There%26#039;s a company named Arbonne International that makes a greater effort than most to produce quality products. This is a good place to start.

Go Natural, Baby!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... is?

Can anybody tell me a name of a murderer who dressed as a clown when he killed his victims
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... is?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... is?
ummm no. i hate clowns.
Reply:srry. no. i have a clown phobia.

Can I use a Visa debit card on eBay? Does it depend on the seller?

no--get paypal
Can I use a Visa debit card on eBay? Does it depend on the seller?
You can use it for anyone. It works exactly the same as a credit card, except you%26#039;re in bigger trouble if the number gets stolen.
Can I use a Visa debit card on eBay? Does it depend on the seller?
use paypal

Emo clothing?

help i need edvice and you people are the only ones that can answer this qestion please hepl so anyway i wanna look emo PLEASE dont tal about me so i wanna have the right look make-up accecerys the hair any what to wear so please help
Emo clothing?
just go to hot topic.... that store has everything awesome and emo
Emo clothing?
hottopic has the exactly what ur looking for. here%26#039;s there site.
Reply:why do you want to be an emo?

but if you try too hard, you%26#039;ll look stupid.
Reply:little bows in hair

back combed hair with bright colour and black is a must

facial piercings i.e snakebites

famous stars and straps clothing and skinny jeans at all times

converse or dollies always

blakc nails heavy eyeliner with experimental makeup

anything hello kitty

offesive t shirts

lepard print

ermm i pod always

should be it....

Reply:well it sounds like you need hot topic its a emo punk store if you go there you will get ALL the emo stuff you need if you dont have one of those stores you can go to and there are all sorts of pics and you can buy your clothes online or just look at the pics so that you know what to look for well i hope that helps the web site has everything you will need to but the store is on the expensive side but its worth it
Reply:go to hot topic.

and pac sun.

go to claires for accessorys.

and for shoes go to journeys =]

good luck
Reply:LOL at the one who suggested Claire%26#039;s for accessories... Claire%26#039;s: the ultimate in emo fashion! ROFL

What to wear at Magnet Schools?

im going from a private school to magnet, and ive been in a private all my life. what should I wear? Are we allowed to wear mini skirts? How about tank tops or something? Will I get laughed at if I wear like converse or something ? I%26#039;m used to being like outgoing and really likeable in my last school. Thats why my style is pretty unique among others. Converse, knee high socks, colored hair extensions, im not so scene. Bit of help?

ps - no price range is needed at all.

pps - are we allowed to wear hollister, a%26amp;f, etc?
What to wear at Magnet Schools?
i went to a magnet school for elementary school--- its just like a public school only you get picked out of a bucket.

anyways, you can wear anything as long as its not vulgar or revealing. at my school shorts had to hit beneath your fists when you held them at your sides, and straps had to be wider than 2 of your fingers. no tube tops.
What to wear at Magnet Schools?
of course you can wear hollister and a%26amp;f lol- they aren%26#039;t evil

i don%26#039;t think anyone will laugh at you for wearing converse-they are cute and simple

basically u are allowed to wear anything but disgusting revealing clothing lol. you have to check with the handbook or principle on tube tops and mini skirts.. they may be appropriate to the mall, but not sure for school.

best of luck in your new school!

16 year old and 20 year old???!?

So I have this friend who was dating a 19 year old guy that she met at Kroger. He smoked pot, lived with his parents, dropped out of high school, and she was always the one who made all the effort. When she was on vacation he texted her to say that he found someone who was always there for him when he needed her and that he didn%26#039;t want to be with her anymore. Now she is dating this new guy. He is now her manager at Ingles. He%26#039;s 20 and she%26#039;s only 16. I just want to know what it is with her and all these older guys! Are they just looking to get in her pants??? I mean she isn%26#039;t drop dead gorgeous. She has a pretty face, a HUGE chest, a and a big butt, however, she is somewhat chunky. What do you guys think? Do they actually like her or do they just want some? Just for the record, I am in no means jealous. I have the most AMAZING boyfriend who I couldn%26#039;t be happier with! But I am really concerned about my friend! I don%26#039;t want her to get hurt again!!! She deserves better than some horny guy
16 year old and 20 year old???!?
Ive heard of a 20 year old dating a 40 year old and they were rtuly in love

so itcould be true or fake

however it sounds true to me and i think the new guy likes her for who he is because he did an act of kindness for her

how sweet ?

thats a true romance to me


16 year old and 20 year old???!?
The discrepancy between the ages isn%26#039;t that much, maturity levels don%26#039;t only depend on age. It sounds like her new boyfriend might really like her but I wouldn%26#039;t base that on the gummy bear incident, things like that sometimes are contrived. Even if it isn%26#039;t, sometimes it might just be a manifestation of new love. The real test is to see his true colors as time moves on but that would be in any relationship not just because the ages are different. If he was 30 then that would be a major red flag but in this case just let it play out, hopefully he really is a good guy.

What is the best product from Lush...?

For skin with some spots, but occasional larger outbreaks.

Or just spots in general.

Ive looked on the website and everyones raved about each one so Im not sure which one would be best.

Thank you for any answers.
What is the best product from Lush...?
ocean salt.
What is the best product from Lush...?
for great beach hair american cream conditionar gives you a great tousseled look and smell amazingg!!.. also thier lime lipbalm works so well! and tastes good ;)

Girls what the highest pair of heel you got the guts to wear?

Fetish question.

Don%26#039;t answer, ladies.

You are just feeding the grossness.
Girls what the highest pair of heel you got the guts to wear?
well the highest pair i have are 5 1/2 but idk what the highest I will go
Girls what the highest pair of heel you got the guts to wear?
the highest ones i have worn were 4 1/2;

but i will probably go higher.

What do these girls look like(pics included)?

this group will be in my school next year and i was curious to know who looks the best...rate each on a scale of 1-10 or put them in order from ugliest to prettiest)
What do these girls look like(pics included)?
theres no pic u retard
What do these girls look like(pics included)?
Pictures have been moved/deleted
Reply:none of the links work, sorry!
Reply:there not working. the piks have been deleted.
Reply:u idiot theres no pic!
Reply:well i clicked on each link and it said that the photo has been deleted.
Reply:Sorry there are no pictures available..

They have been moved/Deleted!
Reply:sorry cant see them
Reply:u deleted themm
Reply:all the pictures have been moved or deleted.
Reply:your links aren%26#039;t working
Reply:links don%26#039;t work

Answer mine please:
Reply:those links don%26#039;t work
Reply:none of the links work....
Reply:No pictures
Reply:links dont work

Good kinds or brands of temporary hair dye?

I%26#039;m looking to like put some temporary streaks of some color in my hair for a few days,. Do you know any good kinds that could be easy to use? If possible could you answer some questions like, how long will it take to do it, can you like condition your hair without it all coming out, how long will it last and stuff like that. Thanks allot!
Good kinds or brands of temporary hair dye?

Loreal Castings and Loreal loving care,



never used any others.

yes you can condition without it coming out, you could get conditioner that protects coloured hair. and it shouldn;t take longer than half an hour to do.
Good kinds or brands of temporary hair dye?
african pride. i have used this twice. you can get at cvs for i think $13 it works well,just choose the right color. Its good for streaks and dying the whole head. It takes about 1/2 hour i really cant remember but its no more than that. Mine%26#039;s last more than 3 months both times. the first time it lasted about 9months before my natural color started showing. the 2cnd time i dyed it back to my natural color b4 seeing the last.

For conditioner you definitely have to use color treated shampooo and conditioner and moisturize your hair everyday to make sure it wont all fall out.
Reply:Paul Mitchell is perfect for it!!!!!

Travel in Style?

when traveling i want to look good. i don%26#039;t want to be a bum and wear yoga pants and a plain tee shirt. so my question is %26quot; how do you travel in comfort but still be stylish?%26quot; i don%26#039;t want to be too over the top or anything either. no high heels and extravagant makeup. please help me. i have a trip in a few days and i%26#039;ll be traveling in the airport for three days straight!

What do you think of him, what would u rate him?
What do you think of him, what would u rate him?
from 1-10, 10 being the hottest, i%26#039;d give him a 6.
What do you think of him, what would u rate him?
i dont rate but hes def cute
Reply:he%26#039;s a little cutie i would rate him about a 7 or 8 i luv his smile too its gorgeous !
Reply:He looks like David Archuletta.
Reply:Omggg, hes cute.

for sure a 9

Reply:id rate him a 9.9 out of 10

hes cute but he could use new hair !

id seriously date him if i could !


ok so maybe 10 out of 10

im not sure

but he is pretty cute



email me at for more information %26lt;3
Reply:hes really cute.
Reply:well i hope he has a good personality no no i%26#039;m j/k he%26#039;s cute 7-8 a 9 if he puts out lol
Reply:He%26#039;s cute, not my type though, so maybe a six.
Reply:6, he needs braces.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anyone know who this model is?

I%26#039;ve seen her pictures around before and I just wanna know who she is? Her hair is awesome.
Anyone know who this model is?
Um, ew?
Anyone know who this model is?
Reply:is that YOU?? trying to get attention ..... lol IDK
Reply:Lisa Roadkill....
Reply:See ladies?

Proof that you do not have to be attractive to be a model.

She is butt ugly.

BTW we know it%26#039;s you.
Reply:probably you saying that youre the %26quot;model%26quot; so you will get some compliments, if youre lucky.
Reply:shes fat and ugly and honestly, im OBSESSED with models and iver NEVEREVER EVER heard of someone like her, nor i have EVER seen such a beast in the model industry!!
Reply:i dont know who it is. but the answers on here are pretty sad. shes not ugly. shes probably not a model, but she could be. you%26#039;re all saying shes ugly because of her hair and %26quot;style%26quot;. well, if you REALLY knew about models and REALLY knew a lot of them, you%26#039;d find out that there are %26quot;punk rock%26quot; %26quot;gothic%26quot; models out there too.

Anyone know who this model is?

I%26#039;ve seen her pictures around before and I just wanna know who she is? Her hair is awesome.
Anyone know who this model is?
Um, ew?
Anyone know who this model is?
Reply:is that YOU?? trying to get attention ..... lol IDK
Reply:Lisa Roadkill....
Reply:See ladies?

Proof that you do not have to be attractive to be a model.

She is butt ugly.

BTW we know it%26#039;s you.
Reply:probably you saying that youre the %26quot;model%26quot; so you will get some compliments, if youre lucky.
Reply:shes fat and ugly and honestly, im OBSESSED with models and iver NEVEREVER EVER heard of someone like her, nor i have EVER seen such a beast in the model industry!!
Reply:i dont know who it is. but the answers on here are pretty sad. shes not ugly. shes probably not a model, but she could be. you%26#039;re all saying shes ugly because of her hair and %26quot;style%26quot;. well, if you REALLY knew about models and REALLY knew a lot of them, you%26#039;d find out that there are %26quot;punk rock%26quot; %26quot;gothic%26quot; models out there too.

Why do guys want to know the difference between girls cup sizes?

i always see guys asking them on yahoo answers and it seems weird.
Why do guys want to know the difference between girls cup sizes?
hello, breast size??????? double d%26#039;s????????
Why do guys want to know the difference between girls cup sizes?
Either they are pervs. =D. Or they want to get a girl a bra I%26#039;d guess.
Reply:The same reason women want to know guys%26#039; ummm...%26quot;cup sizes.%26quot;
Reply:Maybe they%26#039;re considering cross dressing.
Reply:because they are thinking with a different head than the 1 on there shoulders i know it%26#039;s grouse but true guys rarely think with the right equipment
Reply:Gawd...its strap size they need to be looking at. Otherwise known as %26quot;back fat%26quot;. The number, for you guys, is the circumference around the ribs. can actually be a 38 A, or a 32B. Both numbers put together a complete picture. The 32 B would be a smaller woman with bigger boobs
Reply:%26quot;WE%26quot; are curious.

Womens shoes...?

Hi I am a very short guy. I can not seem to find a shoe that can make me taller. Is there a unisex or womens shoe I could wear to help increase my height? Thanks
Womens shoes...?
a lot of tennis shoes make people taller. like nike ones
Womens shoes...?
uh..unless u want to wear high heels no. you were born short just deal with it and be happy with yourself. i like guys better when they are themselves and try to be someone theyre not. youll find someone who will love u the natural height u are!
Reply:honestly girls don%26#039;t really care about how short you are. We honestly believe that its what in the inside that matters. We would think you look very odd in heels and you would have a harder time getting a date.
Reply:Tom Cruise ordered niki%26#039;s with an extra inch of soul. other than that, put some implants in your shoes. In the best case, forget about it and love life.

Why are girls with long and wavy hair so pretty?

idk but my hair is a lil past my shoulders and wavy. :)
Why are girls with long and wavy hair so pretty?
Why are girls with long and wavy hair so pretty?
why thank you lol i dont know though but thanks for the complement j/k
Reply:It%26#039;s a matter of pure opinion. I have naturally long and wavy hair, but personally I perfer it straight. Thus, I straighten it every day. I think I look better with my hair that way.
Reply:becuase they look like beach girls and we all think beach girls are pretty with their long wavy hair and a blonde beachball and nice tan with their skinny body and 2 piece bathing suit. Its the image that is portrayed alot in the media like hollister,abercrombie,pacsun ads and movies and magazines.
Reply:they look more feminine.

Is it ok if i use a eye wrinkle cream...?

well im only 17 but i like to use it to heil prevent eye wrinkles in the future but i anted to know is it ok if i do use it now!
Is it ok if i use a eye wrinkle cream...?
Yeah it will be fine. It%26#039;s never to late to start using wrinkle creams. I%26#039;ve been using them for a yr already and I%26#039;m 18
Is it ok if i use a eye wrinkle cream...?
yeah i think it would be fine. its good that you already want to prevent that stuff from happeneing. TTYL
Reply:YEA... its great if u use it, so u can prevent from gettting wrinkles when you are older, it also firms the skin. =)
Reply:yes, that will be fine but do not use it in excess. just take it easy and wash your face every night!

the creams are packed full of chemicals that will make you age faster.

Katherine Heigl relies on Hylexin to stop undereye circles and puffiness in their tracks. The ingredients in Hylexin reinforce capillaries that deposit blood in the undereye area creating those persistent dark circles. So say goodbye to raccoon eyes and hello sexy! some wrinkles are caused by swelling unswelling of the face watch your salt intake and make sure you get enough vitamin C

just moisturizer with aloe and remember top keep your eyes relaxed when you smile press your tongue to the top of your mouth it causes all the facial muscles to relax and helps prevent jowls.
Reply:I%26#039;m sure it can%26#039;t hurt. Look at as prevention!!
Reply:Yes! I work as a beauty specialist, Its actually great for you to start using it now, it preps your skin for the future so when you get older it helps to reduce wrinkles and excess skin, also when you put it on make sure you TAP and dont rub!!!! Rubbing makes the skin around your eyes stretch out, defeating the purpose!!
Reply:no its not you are ugly any ways [sorrrry thats the truth]
Reply:u r asking this question to everyone whose question u answered. i cant believe that
Reply:Not sure. What does it say on the container?
Reply:you shouldn%26#039;t because they have ingredients in it that are designed only for older women

a friend of mine used to use anti-aging cleanser and her pores got all huge
Reply:yes its ok if u use wrinkle cream, if it isnt please tell me cause i use it and some of my friends use it as well.
Reply:yupp. it will

be fine when

you are older

you wont want

to look like a

prune. :]

It%26#039;ll b ok.

But are you sure about my question.

Are u sure u just didnt guess.
Reply:go for it... it is provent that if you moisturise at a young age it will help reduce the wrinkles when your older! i have been moisturising for about 10 years now and i still get id! goes to show its all good lol!
Reply:falafel is Iranian food!!!!!!!
Reply:it should be okayy.
Reply:yea u should be fine, but make sure it doesnt contain alcohol!!
Reply:dont use a wrinkle cream now because you%26#039;re still young and can damage your skin in the future. you%26#039;ll look much older than you should be when you%26#039;re older. those wrinkle creams have strong chemicals in them which make your skin twice as worse.
Reply:Its fine to use it
Reply:start younf .. dont get wrinkles .. sounds like good logic to me

answer mine please x

How much should I weigh to look like them?

I am 5%26#039;5 and about 150 pounds now
How much should I weigh to look like them?
probably about 25-35 pounds
How much should I weigh to look like them?
30 Lbs
Reply:They all look *too* thin in my opinion. Just use your BMI score and let it guide the way! (There are several BMI calculators online, just Google Search %26quot;BMI calculator%26quot;)

Good luck!
Reply:hmm around 30-40 pounds about im guessing.
Reply:115 lbs
Reply:I bet they weigh like 97-100 lbs, if even. Don%26#039;t forget how TALL they are too. VS models are at least 6%26#039;0 correct me if I am wrong, so even if they weighed 120 lbs, it would still look like nothing on a 6%26#039;0 frame.
Reply:well they look very fake in this photo. alot of the models in pictures dont even really look like that in real life. All photos of celebrities and models are retouched. but from looking at that picture they probably weigh about 125 and all body shapes are different and you would probably never look like that-not tryna be rude.
Reply:no less than 117-130
Reply:HAH, your kidding right?

well if your not, erm...probably around 100 lbs.

theyre stick thin, but theyre uhh yeahh.
Reply:um probably 117-130 pounds.
Reply:um im pretty much that build now and im 5 9/10 and weigh 115

so id say at your height like 95 ish

just a guess as i dont know exactly

anyway hope i helped
Reply:Awe, i think you%26#039;re fine, you don%26#039;t want to look like them, trust me, most guys want SOME meat on their bones xD

answer mine? xD
Reply:probably like the same 120 pounds..but what you have to realize is these women work out all day long...its their job to look good...they get paid for it!...i weigh 117 pounds and i look good...for a %26quot;normal%26quot; person...but i do NOT have abs like that..LOLLLLLLL you would be working out all day everyday to look like that..

around 105-120

they r victora secret models so u have to realize that they are older and taller than u could be.


good luck
Reply:Because I%26#039;d be around their weight (-_- not on purpose mind you) probably around 100-115lbs (45-52kg)
Reply:Ok, seriously. No one looks like that. Even them. They have all been airbrushed so much even they probably don%26#039;t reconigze themselves. Even if you do get down to 120-130, you will not look like a Victoria%26#039;s Secret model.

Be Healthy, Exercise Moderatly %26amp; you%26#039;ll be fine.

Remember, Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Hope I Helped!
Reply:Like 90 pounds. They are models, and probably anorexic and photoshopped. They look like that after they have had loads of makeup and been photoshopped, in real life they probably look sickly and gaunt. You do NOT want to look like the REAL them! Anyways, they don%26#039;t look that good. They are covered in grease and their abs are messed up.
Reply:100-125 pounds

you do know they are models and they are %26quot;perfected%26quot; on a computer?
Reply:theyre actually not that skinny. they have a lot of muscle. theyre probably about 125-130 lbs.

Best bras out there?

i%26#039;m 16 and i due for a new bra but this time a nice, high quality bra and i dont mind spending a bit of money... but i dont know where to get one or which ones are high quality
Best bras out there?
buy one at Vitoria secercts
Best bras out there?
Victoria%26#039;s Secret is the only place I can find bras. I%26#039;m an odd size (small back, large cup)

I don%26#039;t know what your size is but Victoria%26#039;s Secret bras are the best. Try the Body by Victoria. I have found those to work best under a variety of clothing. They are about $46 apiece.

Hope I Helped!
Reply:victorias secret of course! go to mall and see if they have one
Reply:My favorite brand, personally, is Calvin Klein. It%26#039;s high quality and it doesn%26#039;t show through your shirt at all. Good luck :)
Reply:Victoria%26#039;s Secret wonder bras xD

answer mine please? xD
Reply:Vs, but they are pricey, never any sales really. Go to Marcy%26#039;s they got good bra bands such as Calvin Klein, DNKY and Maidenform.
Reply:My fiance got breast cancer and quit using bras that use an under-wire. She researched to learn that the wires prohibit circulation and in-turn can cause breast cancer. She is most comfortable with sports-bras.

Also, don%26#039;t use regular deodorant; use one of those crystal deodorants that doesn%26#039;t contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate!

Canada has no good stores!!!?

okay canada has absolutly no good stores compared to the US, disagree? please tell me some good ones! ... I love abrocrombie, h%26amp;m, forever 21 and victoria secret kind of stores, i know some of these Are in canada but none where i live, and anyways other than forver 21 they can be a bit pricey. so what are some amazing stores that ship to cnaada, or are in canada that are cheap and have cloths of the same kind of syle range as these?
Canada has no good stores!!!?
Canadian citizen- agreed

Why do you think we go to america? For the friendly people and freash air?...
Canada has no good stores!!!?
but they do have great health care
Reply:what did you expect its Canada
Reply:i loved le chateau when i lived in is expensive compared to shopping in the south but the syle was great and the black pants were worth every penny
Reply:aeropostale has cute and not too pricy cloths. they always are on sale. come to the US :P
Reply:My FAVORITE Canadian store is hard to find. but it is Urban Planet.

they have so much variety if you look though it.
Reply:the only good thing about Canada is maple syrup
Reply:Hollister, Aritzia (but.. very pricey), American Eagle, La Senza (?) (Canadian equivalent of victoria%26#039;s secret, except much suckier). Theres Abercrombie ,H%26amp;M, and forever 21 in edmonton.
Reply:I Know! Im from Los Angeles! OMG i went to West Ed last summer! It wasn%26#039;t all that excited. We have better stores in California!. The styles they carry in canadian stores are so out of fashion!
Reply:I live in Canada and yes I agree. But dood the price is same in US, like $7.99 US = $10.99 CAN. canadian dollars worth more, if you exange it, same thing

and about the pricey part, DUH~ good clothes cost more *rolls eyes...*
Reply:uhhh where have you been shopping? I live in Canada and here we have Aritzia, Hollister, Abercrombie, H%26amp;M, Garage, Aeropostale, similar to Victoria Secret is La Senza, it is owned by VS.

Girls if you get a house with a guy would you want your own seperate queen bathroom for makeup, creams etc...?

No and yes. No because I might not have that much stuff. Yes because I do need my own space!
Girls if you get a house with a guy would you want your own seperate queen bathroom for makeup, creams etc...?
if there%26#039;s space, yea cause there%26#039;s a ton of stuff and most of them guys don%26#039;t want to see

if not, I can do with a personal medicine cabinet
Girls if you get a house with a guy would you want your own seperate queen bathroom for makeup, creams etc...?
yes! it depends on the girl though. but im sure any girl could fill up a bathroom with their own things, as well as a guy.
Reply:of course! I still need girl time!!

What are the *good* things about my friend's appearance?

Ok, my friends is doing chores right now (I%26#039;m at her house), and I%26#039;m on her account. She has really low self-esteem at the moment and I want to raise it back up. What are the good things about her appearance?

PS: I%26#039;m not just saying this and really talking about me like a lot of people do. I%26#039;m a horrible liar and you%26#039;d be able to tell right away if I was just saying this.
What are the *good* things about my friend%26#039;s appearance?
She has a gorgeous complexion and a beautiful face shape and smile!!

EDIT: I also like her beauty mark. She has a very unique look, which is good!
What are the *good* things about my friend%26#039;s appearance?
She looks youthful, young, sophisticated, lively, vivacious, full of vitality and very bold. She is just the right size as well, not to slim, and not to fat.
Reply:her hair%26#039;s pretty.

awesome glasses.

i don%26#039;t know.

tell her to remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hope I Helped!
Reply:She has really Great hair

Also, her eyes are goergeus! (sp?)

She has a very sweet look =)
Reply:she has awesome skin, and bright eyes

her hair looks great in the 3rd one
Reply:she has nice lips
Reply:so jealous of her skin :)
Reply:id **** her if thats wat u mean. she looks like hot nerd

How thin do you have to be to pull off a belly button piercing?

I%26#039;d like to get one, but I%26#039;m very short (5%26#039;1%26quot;) and slightly chubby...I have a bit of a pooch belly (lol). How thin do you have to be to pull it off? I don%26#039;t want to look silly...

Thank you!
How thin do you have to be to pull off a belly button piercing?
136 lbs at 5%26#039;1%26quot; gives you a BMI of 25.7, so you%26#039;re overweight.

If you get one, you%26#039;ll look silly. Just lose some weight.
How thin do you have to be to pull off a belly button piercing?
very thin
Reply:I%26#039;m 4%26#039;11%26quot; and also wanting to get a belly button piercing.

It%26#039;ll work. Just imagine you wearing one. Do you like it?
Reply:im 5%26#039;5


and im still not skinny enough to pull one off =/

for me im going to loose 10 pounds to pull one off.

for you try to do more sit-ups

drink more water

drop soda and junk food.

and do cardio 2 times a week.

make a goal weight around 120 pounds.


good luck
Reply:depends on who sees it. this sounds weird but is it for your own personal reasons, do you want your boyfriend to see it, or what?

imagine yourself with a belly button ring %26amp; see how it feels!

Hope I Helped!
Reply:actually, belly button piercing almost always look better on someone who has a little pudge than someone who is super thin. however, i wouldn%26#039;t get one. they%26#039;re kind of tacky.
Reply:It%26#039;s a personal thing. If you%26#039;re comfortable, that%26#039;s all that matters.
Reply:A flat belly or a bit more. You really can%26#039;t have too much of a belly if you wanna %26#039;pull it off%26#039;.
Reply:136 isn%26#039;t fat. You just have to be thin enough to wear a belly tee.
Reply:lol im 5%26#039;1 and kinda chubby. I think you should lose a bit of weight first. I was 140 like 1.5 months ago and now im 127. I run for 40 mins a day[5km] and i eat much much smaller portions and way healthier. Eat sweets like once a week. Also Ive noticed a big difference. I lose about 2 lbs a week. good luck
Reply:I followed your link to get here, and I%26#039;ll report you if I see you do that again.

It is ILLEGAL on this site.
Reply:i am 5foot and weigh about 85 pounds and i have one i think it looks good. but you have to be very skinny but not just skinny you have to have good abs to not just skinny with nothing else. i think you should probably lose a bit of weight if you want one
Reply:Unless your navel is no longer a round shape, you can pretty much pull it off. I have one and am not stick skinny and have a little bit of fat on me and i think it looks good. don%26#039;t let others determine wether or not you get something...if YOU want it, get it, rock it, flaunt it!

Is she sort of pretty?

What do you think, personally.

Do you like dark hair and light eyes?
Is she sort of pretty?
shes ok
Is she sort of pretty?
woahh shes pretty but those eyes cant b real
Reply:She%26#039;s pretty dont get me wrong but the eyes kind of pop out too much. 鈾?br>Reply:ya sexy girl. i rate her 8.5/10
Reply:OMG!! are those her real eyes??????
Reply:pretty but a whore. : D
Reply:yeah. she look pretty to me.

Hope I Helped!
Reply:she shouldnt stick her lips out like that it looks like shes kissing the cameraa:D
Reply:5 out of 10

a little scary looking with the whole wide-eye, squished mouth thing
Reply:Her eyes are very pretty!!
Reply:Amazing coloring! Wow! Her eyes are gorgeous!

Yes, I think she%26#039;s definitely pretty. :)

Please answer mine:
Reply:i%26#039;m tired of seeing this fawking girl.

and no, it%26#039;s not you.

it%26#039;s some chick being posted everywhere like that anamarie girl.
Reply:yeah shes pretty and I love those eyes
Reply:Yes, I%26#039;m guessing that%26#039;s you right. Anyways if you dye your hair black you%26#039;ll look just like Megan Fox from Transformers. That%26#039;s a good thing because all the guys think she%26#039;s hot.

Have confidence girl cus you%26#039;re very pretty.
Reply:she has a really unique look to her i really like it.


if she would lighten her hair it would probably look better.
Reply:I think if she didn%26#039;t open her eyes so wide, she%26#039;d be prettier :]

It would also help if she wasn%26#039;t trying to kiss the camera. She looks kinda like a fish in that picture ;-)

I think if she smiled and held her eyes naturally, she%26#039;d be very pretty; I can see it.
Reply:she would be prettier if she smiled or looked natural, not the pouty lips. we dont need another miley cyrus.
Reply:shed be better is she wasnt making the anal face...
Reply:she scared me a bit but yes she does have beautiful eyes!
Reply:overall she is okay but her eye color is so pretty
Reply:Yeah, she could actually go either way, Darker hair or lighter hair.

She%26#039;s not pretty she%26#039;s beautiful.
Reply:nahh. I%26#039;m not trying to be harsh- yeah i am, I personally think she%26#039;s a little below avg. Just my opinion.
Reply:Sure. I just don%26#039;t like her eyebrows. And the size of her pupils in the picture scare me.
Reply:She%26#039;s got a very pretty face, and her eyes make her look unique and intense.
Reply:yeah ,shes pretty , but tha pictures a little too full on , she needs to tone it down a little .
Reply:yeah she is really pretty!

and her eyes are the best! they are turquiose and light. Her hair perfectly matches!
Reply:she%26#039;s pretty

What is the name of the syle for this dress?!?!?

plz help me i need to know and if you dont have like avalid source dont just make it up plz... thnx wat kinda dress is this? thnx so much