Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is it ok if i use a eye wrinkle cream...?

well im only 17 but i like to use it to heil prevent eye wrinkles in the future but i anted to know is it ok if i do use it now!
Is it ok if i use a eye wrinkle cream...?
Yeah it will be fine. It%26#039;s never to late to start using wrinkle creams. I%26#039;ve been using them for a yr already and I%26#039;m 18
Is it ok if i use a eye wrinkle cream...?
yeah i think it would be fine. its good that you already want to prevent that stuff from happeneing. TTYL
Reply:YEA... its great if u use it, so u can prevent from gettting wrinkles when you are older, it also firms the skin. =)
Reply:yes, that will be fine but do not use it in excess. just take it easy and wash your face every night!

the creams are packed full of chemicals that will make you age faster.

Katherine Heigl relies on Hylexin to stop undereye circles and puffiness in their tracks. The ingredients in Hylexin reinforce capillaries that deposit blood in the undereye area creating those persistent dark circles. So say goodbye to raccoon eyes and hello sexy! some wrinkles are caused by swelling unswelling of the face watch your salt intake and make sure you get enough vitamin C

just moisturizer with aloe and remember top keep your eyes relaxed when you smile press your tongue to the top of your mouth it causes all the facial muscles to relax and helps prevent jowls.
Reply:I%26#039;m sure it can%26#039;t hurt. Look at as prevention!!
Reply:Yes! I work as a beauty specialist, Its actually great for you to start using it now, it preps your skin for the future so when you get older it helps to reduce wrinkles and excess skin, also when you put it on make sure you TAP and dont rub!!!! Rubbing makes the skin around your eyes stretch out, defeating the purpose!!
Reply:no its not you are ugly any ways [sorrrry thats the truth]
Reply:u r asking this question to everyone whose question u answered. i cant believe that
Reply:Not sure. What does it say on the container?
Reply:you shouldn%26#039;t because they have ingredients in it that are designed only for older women

a friend of mine used to use anti-aging cleanser and her pores got all huge
Reply:yes its ok if u use wrinkle cream, if it isnt please tell me cause i use it and some of my friends use it as well.
Reply:yupp. it will

be fine when

you are older

you wont want

to look like a

prune. :]

It%26#039;ll b ok.

But are you sure about my question.

Are u sure u just didnt guess.
Reply:go for it... it is provent that if you moisturise at a young age it will help reduce the wrinkles when your older! i have been moisturising for about 10 years now and i still get id! goes to show its all good lol!
Reply:falafel is Iranian food!!!!!!!
Reply:it should be okayy.
Reply:yea u should be fine, but make sure it doesnt contain alcohol!!
Reply:dont use a wrinkle cream now because you%26#039;re still young and can damage your skin in the future. you%26#039;ll look much older than you should be when you%26#039;re older. those wrinkle creams have strong chemicals in them which make your skin twice as worse.
Reply:Its fine to use it
Reply:start younf .. dont get wrinkles .. sounds like good logic to me


answer mine please x

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