Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Healthy food to help clear skin?

What else should i do? i started eating healthy food! i drink green tea...horrible stuff lol....!

Fruit...5 a day! veg am trying to eat as much as i can!

bottle of water each day!

Anyway anything else would be great!

I dont smoke,drink so thats sorted! i hardly eat sweet food now!

My skin looks a bit better,i get few spots...not so many but can be worse at marks! anyway i just this healthy eating!
Healthy food to help clear skin?
Healthy food to help clear skin?
I don%26#039;t think you can eat certain foods that will make your skin clearer, but not eating certain foods (junk food) will make your skin clearer.
Reply:i think your well on your way :) avoid all greasy foods, really sweet stuff, and be sure to drink lots of water. but ur already doing that so nope. nothing else. good job sweetie!!!
Reply:Skip the green tea.

Drink more H2O. At least a half gallon. Water%26#039;s the best thing for skin.
Reply:Sounds like you are doing a good job! Take multivitamins, and drink 3 bottles a day instead of one.

Good luck!
Reply:eliminate dairy and other fattening foods.
Reply:drink LOADS of water, more than just a bottle

and don%26#039;t wear foundation

Reply:I had moderate acne and redness and I tried all kinds of products from OTC to prescription to expensive Salon products. The best product on the market right now is ProActive, it clears skin and improves how it looks. It is a complete miracle. I would also recommend getting facials if you can afford it, they are awesome. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water and exercise!
Reply:It sounds like your doing everything right..try to have more than 1 bottle of water a day though..the recommended guideline is 8 glasses!

Other than that your doing very well! Remember vitamin E is very good for skin. Just keep with it and you%26#039;ll soon get the rewards!

Doing some form of excercise will also give you that glow

good luck x
Reply:Add sugar to your Green tea or buy flavored green tea.

Eat foods high in vitamin C or take tablets everyday. They make your skin look younger and healthier.

Answer mine please:
Reply:Cherries are supposed to be good for cleansing ones face.
Reply:foods with good fats in them i have heard help



etc ..


also you could try face masks and simple products(they are amazing)
Reply:Technically es it shoudl work in theory since your body will expell what is put in to it

What goes in must go out

And when your eating stuff like chocolates, chips etc

All that fat is going in and comes out though your pores of yur skin when you sweat.

So yes I would agree partially

However it has been proven that streess is the main cause as it lowers your immune systen when your dealing with a stressful situation even if you dont think of it as stresfull

Stuf that is stresfull (on the body) not necesarely the mind

Staying up late (Little sleep)

Coffee drinkinging (as stimulates the heart)

Little amounts of food (as body needs to work on the reserves)




family problems

dealing with a bad experiance (such as rape)

dealing with a loss in the femily etc

dealiung with a break up ina relationship


List goes on any how

But basically when your stressed your body requires more energy and protein, we naturally have bacteria on our skin and ores but with the protein being used up for energy elsewere means there is non for making anti bodies

So the backteria manages to spead into a spot



gets rid of them non of this clearasil crap, its a lotion designed to kill specifically the bacteria that makes acne

gives you a clear complexion after about 2-3 months of using it and i suffered from it bad wen i was a kid
Reply:I got adult acne on my chin and the only thing that cleared it was using antibiotic lotion for a few months. Now it%26#039;s cleared I use a serum from no7 beutifully clear and mosturise with a light lotion. Also, I%26#039;ve been taking b, e and c vitamins.
Reply:well , what your doing is great , some peoples skin is different to others tho , but if you keep doing what your doing , they%26#039;ll be gone in no time atall

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