Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Contact lenses?

I am wanting to get coloured contact lenses instead of wearing glasses. I%26#039;m wondering what colour would look nice for a fair/tan complexion, what brand is recommended and how much it may be.
Contact lenses?
i also have fair/tan skin. i get freshlook color blend and use the colors gray, green and pure hazel, it%26#039;s very pretty. depends on your insurance or where you buy them. like i got 3 boxes for 10 dollars because of my insurance at my eye doctor%26#039;s and when i bought them at Costco is was 75 dollars. Gray is my favorite color. People always thinks it%26#039;s my real color because it blend in with brown eyes.
Contact lenses?
Don%26#039;t get coloured contacts, whatever you do!

There are no coloured contacts that look real, and it will be blatantly obvious that you are wearing them and trying to hide your real eye colour. Get clear contacts, I have them and love them. Other than that, play with your makeup and clothing colours to bring out different colours in your eyes.

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