Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is this a safe product for a 13 year old girl???

These are some skin lightening products that I%26#039;m interested in buying. Do you think these products are safe for my skin? And if not explain why.
Is this a safe product for a 13 year old girl???
if you neeed to use them, pick the olay.

it%26#039;s a good brand so i don%26#039;t see why the product would harm your skin too much.

but you should ask a dermatologist before you use any of them just to make sure they%26#039;re not harmful.

Is this a safe product for a 13 year old girl???
Stop already! You%26#039;re exposing your face to foreign substances and you haven%26#039;t even given it a chance to fully grow yet. None of the products you listed are organic, which means a long list of reasons not to use it exists; including petroleum-based fertilizers to grow the raw products, pesticides to kill the bugs, etc. Fair and Flawless contains an acid that is an expectorant (makes you produce loogies) and you want to put it on your face?!

Try this instead. Heat a pot of water so that it%26#039;s slowly releasing steam (boil on low heat) up into your face and put a towel behind your head to hep capture the steam. This will help open your pores. Then rinse your face with ice cold water to close them up again. If you absolutely must put something on your face to give you relief; apply raw aloe.

And don%26#039;t stop there; put good foods into your body so new acne isn%26#039;t created from poor-quality foods (i.e. fast foods, greasy, fried stuff, McDonald%26#039;s, etc.). Live raw, organic, vegan first-then if you still have problems with acne-figure out what part of raw, organic, vegan you%26#039;re not doing right.
Reply:i think not...

you should never risk your skin

for some lightning products

and have you ever heard of %26quot;Love the skin your in%26quot;

yea you should

as much as you would like to go lighter

there are billions of people risking to get tan or dark skin like yours

so dont bother risking your health

its not worth it
Reply:No because they are chemicals you ever seen Michael jackson today? He looks a mess and this is because he tried to lightnen his skin. Dont use it. Its not healthy and can lead to cancer and damage to your skin where you cant be exposed to sunlight
Reply:Does age really matter? Wait, what I mean to say is, you are too young, when you are 13 you get cancer from this product. Wait until you%26#039;re 14, sorry.
Reply:don%26#039;t use it. end of. no matter what age

it could easily go wrong and you will regret it...

also, love the skin your in, people appreciate you for that :)
Reply:I%26#039;d say go see a dermatologist instead of potentially ruining your skin, you are so young and should be careful about what you use on your skin.
Reply:out of the two i would say olay bit i dnt kno how good these are for your skin, i would go to a dermatologist for help! :) good luck!
Reply:Nothing at age 13 is good to use for your skin right now.

Enjoy your young skin and enjoy being young while you can!

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