Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How thin do you have to be to pull off a belly button piercing?

I%26#039;d like to get one, but I%26#039;m very short (5%26#039;1%26quot;) and slightly chubby...I have a bit of a pooch belly (lol). How thin do you have to be to pull it off? I don%26#039;t want to look silly...

Thank you!
How thin do you have to be to pull off a belly button piercing?
136 lbs at 5%26#039;1%26quot; gives you a BMI of 25.7, so you%26#039;re overweight.

If you get one, you%26#039;ll look silly. Just lose some weight.
How thin do you have to be to pull off a belly button piercing?
very thin
Reply:I%26#039;m 4%26#039;11%26quot; and also wanting to get a belly button piercing.

It%26#039;ll work. Just imagine you wearing one. Do you like it?
Reply:im 5%26#039;5


and im still not skinny enough to pull one off =/

for me im going to loose 10 pounds to pull one off.

for you try to do more sit-ups

drink more water

drop soda and junk food.

and do cardio 2 times a week.

make a goal weight around 120 pounds.


good luck
Reply:depends on who sees it. this sounds weird but is it for your own personal reasons, do you want your boyfriend to see it, or what?

imagine yourself with a belly button ring %26amp; see how it feels!

Hope I Helped!
Reply:actually, belly button piercing almost always look better on someone who has a little pudge than someone who is super thin. however, i wouldn%26#039;t get one. they%26#039;re kind of tacky.
Reply:It%26#039;s a personal thing. If you%26#039;re comfortable, that%26#039;s all that matters.
Reply:A flat belly or a bit more. You really can%26#039;t have too much of a belly if you wanna %26#039;pull it off%26#039;.
Reply:136 isn%26#039;t fat. You just have to be thin enough to wear a belly tee.
Reply:lol im 5%26#039;1 and kinda chubby. I think you should lose a bit of weight first. I was 140 like 1.5 months ago and now im 127. I run for 40 mins a day[5km] and i eat much much smaller portions and way healthier. Eat sweets like once a week. Also Ive noticed a big difference. I lose about 2 lbs a week. good luck
Reply:I followed your link to get here, and I%26#039;ll report you if I see you do that again.

It is ILLEGAL on this site.
Reply:i am 5foot and weigh about 85 pounds and i have one i think it looks good. but you have to be very skinny but not just skinny you have to have good abs to not just skinny with nothing else. i think you should probably lose a bit of weight if you want one
Reply:Unless your navel is no longer a round shape, you can pretty much pull it off. I have one and am not stick skinny and have a little bit of fat on me and i think it looks good. don%26#039;t let others determine wether or not you get something...if YOU want it, get it, rock it, flaunt it!

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