Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Attraction spells?

does anyone know some attraction spells that will make girls think im cute(i dont want one that makes some 1 inperticular like me but cute girls i see on the street or something :) but any way yea 1 that attracts girls and only girls or anything close enough
Attraction spells?
Deodorant .... LOL
Attraction spells?
be sweet/caring/nice/dont act gross

better than any %26quot;spell%26quot; u nice good qualities outside!
Reply:dont be all like, %26quot;hey baby, pul my finger!%26quot; or %26quot;nice chest.%26quot;

just say, %26quot;hey i just saw you from across the room and thought you looked way too gorgeous to ignor e.%26quot; works on me.
Reply:i love u.

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