Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make boobs look small?

i am 18 and 36D and i get the wrong attention all the time that i hate. i dont want surgery cause i refuse to be fake or do anything with my body but are their any ways u can make them look smaller. i use to wear layers but u cant do that anymore with a million degrees outside? ty
Make boobs look small?
A good supportive bra that fits properly is crucial.

And avoid wearing clothes that draw attention to your bust such as v-necks or ruching in the chest area.
Make boobs look small?
You%26#039;re lucky i have the exact opposite problem...
Reply:You can get minimizer bras. Look on
Reply:wow ! i really dont kno besides a breast reduction

All i can think of is dont wear push up bras,tight shirts,too small shirts

you can wear over sized shirts even though i know you probably still want to look cute

but i also heard of taping down your breast this is what jennifer Hudson did idk much about so you could look into that

Hope all works out !
Reply:just wear loose clothing. like flowy peasant type shirts. they can still be cute but hide your curves. and you wont be burning in the heat.
Reply:A sports bra will help minimize your breast. But it might be uncomfortable to wear all day. i don%26#039;t know. Like the first girl that answered, buy good high quality bras.
Reply:show your boobs with pride! millions of people would pay for your boobs id love bigger boobs!

just ignore people you dont wnat attention from

attention is a good thing anyway :) you would feel depressed if you didint get any

just look sexy and confident and smile if poeople stare and justb think yeah im hot dont watch me you ediots lol!
Reply:Well I%26#039;m 18 and I wear a 38 DD and there isn%26#039;t much you can do other than ignore the negative attention.I wish there was like a surgery where they take your fat and put it somewhere you want it on your body.
Reply:get some scissors
Reply:sports bras or wearing 2 bras at a time. try to stay away from low cut tank tops.
Reply:I think you have a %26quot;problem%26quot; millions of women would give anything to have! But to answer your question, you might try on different colors. I know they say in hot weather that black is not a cool color since black supposedly absorbs heat (well, maybe, IF you%26#039;re out standing in direct sunlight!), but darker colors do sort of hide contours by making the shading of (that is, shadowing on) those contours less obvious. So, I%26#039;d suggest solid dark colors that hide contours. Oh, and avoid stripes, since stripes make the contours real obvious.
Reply:Omg, I know how you feel. I am 13 and wear a 36 D, and that is all the guys pay attention to. Try buying clothes that draw attention away from the bust. V-necks, and low cut tops automatically bring attention to the bust so stay away from those. Using Bright, cute necklaces can draw the attention away from the neckline. Eye catching make-up can also help draw the attention away. Avoid large prints, Breast pockets and plunging necklines
Reply:Avoid high neck lines, they make breasts look not only big but kind of disfigured. A good supportive bra, always. Go get measured, you could be wearing the wrong size. A scoop neck would be the best, not a very low one, but showing your collarbone and a bit of clevage. Or something strapless with a straight top, that goes right over your boobs. Tops that are baggy around your breasts will also make them bigger looking. Get one with %26quot;darts%26quot; (little seams sort of) under the bust, and make sure your clothes fit well. An empire waisted top/dress will give you better shape and if it has enough converage would actually make your breats look smaller, they work for everyone I think. Avoid those smock top things with a seam like, running over the top of your chest at all costs. And go for fitted clothes, as opposed to tight ones. I know you probably hate them. Scoop necks really are the best thing probably, not v necks though. Hope this helps, have a nice summer.

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