Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best bras out there?

i%26#039;m 16 and i due for a new bra but this time a nice, high quality bra and i dont mind spending a bit of money... but i dont know where to get one or which ones are high quality
Best bras out there?
buy one at Vitoria secercts
Best bras out there?
Victoria%26#039;s Secret is the only place I can find bras. I%26#039;m an odd size (small back, large cup)

I don%26#039;t know what your size is but Victoria%26#039;s Secret bras are the best. Try the Body by Victoria. I have found those to work best under a variety of clothing. They are about $46 apiece.

Hope I Helped!
Reply:victorias secret of course! go to mall and see if they have one
Reply:My favorite brand, personally, is Calvin Klein. It%26#039;s high quality and it doesn%26#039;t show through your shirt at all. Good luck :)
Reply:Victoria%26#039;s Secret wonder bras xD


answer mine please? xD
Reply:Vs, but they are pricey, never any sales really. Go to Marcy%26#039;s they got good bra bands such as Calvin Klein, DNKY and Maidenform.
Reply:My fiance got breast cancer and quit using bras that use an under-wire. She researched to learn that the wires prohibit circulation and in-turn can cause breast cancer. She is most comfortable with sports-bras.

Also, don%26#039;t use regular deodorant; use one of those crystal deodorants that doesn%26#039;t contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate!

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