Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emo clothing?

help i need edvice and you people are the only ones that can answer this qestion please hepl so anyway i wanna look emo PLEASE dont tal about me so i wanna have the right look make-up accecerys the hair any what to wear so please help
Emo clothing?
just go to hot topic.... that store has everything awesome and emo
Emo clothing?
hottopic has the exactly what ur looking for. here%26#039;s there site.
Reply:why do you want to be an emo?

but if you try too hard, you%26#039;ll look stupid.
Reply:little bows in hair

back combed hair with bright colour and black is a must

facial piercings i.e snakebites

famous stars and straps clothing and skinny jeans at all times

converse or dollies always

blakc nails heavy eyeliner with experimental makeup

anything hello kitty

offesive t shirts

lepard print

ermm i pod always

should be it....

Reply:well it sounds like you need hot topic its a emo punk store if you go there you will get ALL the emo stuff you need if you dont have one of those stores you can go to and there are all sorts of pics and you can buy your clothes online or just look at the pics so that you know what to look for well i hope that helps the web site has everything you will need to but the store is on the expensive side but its worth it
Reply:go to hot topic.

and pac sun.

go to claires for accessorys.

and for shoes go to journeys =]

good luck
Reply:LOL at the one who suggested Claire%26#039;s for accessories... Claire%26#039;s: the ultimate in emo fashion! ROFL

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