Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How much should I weigh to look like them?


I am 5%26#039;5 and about 150 pounds now
How much should I weigh to look like them?
probably about 25-35 pounds
How much should I weigh to look like them?
30 Lbs
Reply:They all look *too* thin in my opinion. Just use your BMI score and let it guide the way! (There are several BMI calculators online, just Google Search %26quot;BMI calculator%26quot;)

Good luck!
Reply:hmm around 30-40 pounds about im guessing.
Reply:115 lbs
Reply:I bet they weigh like 97-100 lbs, if even. Don%26#039;t forget how TALL they are too. VS models are at least 6%26#039;0 correct me if I am wrong, so even if they weighed 120 lbs, it would still look like nothing on a 6%26#039;0 frame.
Reply:well they look very fake in this photo. alot of the models in pictures dont even really look like that in real life. All photos of celebrities and models are retouched. but from looking at that picture they probably weigh about 125 and all body shapes are different and you would probably never look like that-not tryna be rude.
Reply:no less than 117-130
Reply:HAH, your kidding right?

well if your not, erm...probably around 100 lbs.

theyre stick thin, but theyre muscular...so uhh yeahh.
Reply:um probably 117-130 pounds.
Reply:um im pretty much that build now and im 5 9/10 and weigh 115

so id say at your height like 95 ish

just a guess as i dont know exactly

anyway hope i helped
Reply:Awe, i think you%26#039;re fine, you don%26#039;t want to look like them, trust me, most guys want SOME meat on their bones xD


answer mine? xD
Reply:probably like the same 120 pounds..but what you have to realize is these women work out all day long...its their job to look good...they get paid for it!...i weigh 117 pounds and i look good...for a %26quot;normal%26quot; person...but i do NOT have abs like that..LOLLLLLLL you would be working out all day everyday to look like that..

around 105-120

they r victora secret models so u have to realize that they are older and taller than u could be.


good luck
Reply:Because I%26#039;d be around their weight (-_- not on purpose mind you) probably around 100-115lbs (45-52kg)
Reply:Ok, seriously. No one looks like that. Even them. They have all been airbrushed so much even they probably don%26#039;t reconigze themselves. Even if you do get down to 120-130, you will not look like a Victoria%26#039;s Secret model.

Be Healthy, Exercise Moderatly %26amp; you%26#039;ll be fine.

Remember, Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Hope I Helped!
Reply:Like 90 pounds. They are models, and probably anorexic and photoshopped. They look like that after they have had loads of makeup and been photoshopped, in real life they probably look sickly and gaunt. You do NOT want to look like the REAL them! Anyways, they don%26#039;t look that good. They are covered in grease and their abs are messed up.
Reply:100-125 pounds

you do know they are models and they are %26quot;perfected%26quot; on a computer?
Reply:theyre actually not that skinny. they have a lot of muscle. theyre probably about 125-130 lbs.

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