Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anyone know who this model is?

I%26#039;ve seen her pictures around before and I just wanna know who she is? Her hair is awesome.

Anyone know who this model is?
Um, ew?
Anyone know who this model is?

Reply:is that YOU?? trying to get attention ..... lol IDK
Reply:Lisa Roadkill....
Reply:See ladies?

Proof that you do not have to be attractive to be a model.

She is butt ugly.

BTW we know it%26#039;s you.
Reply:probably you saying that youre the %26quot;model%26quot; so you will get some compliments, if youre lucky.
Reply:shes fat and ugly and honestly, im OBSESSED with models and iver NEVEREVER EVER heard of someone like her, nor i have EVER seen such a beast in the model industry!!
Reply:i dont know who it is. but the answers on here are pretty sad. shes not ugly. shes probably not a model, but she could be. you%26#039;re all saying shes ugly because of her hair and %26quot;style%26quot;. well, if you REALLY knew about models and REALLY knew a lot of them, you%26#039;d find out that there are %26quot;punk rock%26quot; %26quot;gothic%26quot; models out there too.

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