Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whats ur favortie store?

and why?=P

Whats ur favortie store?
wet seal, they have everything, and their clothes are cheap.
Whats ur favortie store?
Aeropostale,cause they have clothes that fit me perfectley and they are cheap!
Reply:Hmmm....Pacsun because their clothes are awsome!
Reply:my favorite stores are HOLLISTER, and AROPOSTEL, and AMBERCROMBE, i also like FASHION BUG!!!!
Reply:Jane norman....cute clothes :-) just really pretty!
Reply:Hollister Ambercrombie Areo Amer. Eagle. Pac Sun. Tilly%26#039;s pretty much n e surf/ skate shop beause there clothes are cute and they fit!
Reply:WAL-MART anyways why do you ask

i like that store cause i got my brithday cake from there and it was del-ious

if you know what i mean
Reply:Hollister! wet seal! ambercombie!and aeropostale because they have EVERYTHING!!

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