Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Canada has no good stores!!!?

okay canada has absolutly no good stores compared to the US, disagree? please tell me some good ones! ... I love abrocrombie, h%26amp;m, forever 21 and victoria secret kind of stores, i know some of these Are in canada but none where i live, and anyways other than forver 21 they can be a bit pricey. so what are some amazing stores that ship to cnaada, or are in canada that are cheap and have cloths of the same kind of syle range as these?
Canada has no good stores!!!?
Canadian citizen- agreed

Why do you think we go to america? For the friendly people and freash air?...
Canada has no good stores!!!?
but they do have great health care
Reply:what did you expect its Canada
Reply:i loved le chateau when i lived in canada...it is expensive compared to shopping in the south but the syle was great and the black pants were worth every penny
Reply:aeropostale has cute and not too pricy cloths. they always are on sale. come to the US :P
Reply:My FAVORITE Canadian store is hard to find. but it is Urban Planet.

they have so much variety if you look though it.
Reply:the only good thing about Canada is maple syrup
Reply:Hollister, Aritzia (but.. very pricey), American Eagle, La Senza (?) (Canadian equivalent of victoria%26#039;s secret, except much suckier). Theres Abercrombie ,H%26amp;M, and forever 21 in edmonton.
Reply:I Know! Im from Los Angeles! OMG i went to West Ed last summer! It wasn%26#039;t all that excited. We have better stores in California!. The styles they carry in canadian stores are so out of fashion!
Reply:I live in Canada and yes I agree. But dood the price is same in US, like $7.99 US = $10.99 CAN. canadian dollars worth more, if you exange it, same thing

and about the pricey part, DUH~ good clothes cost more *rolls eyes...*
Reply:uhhh where have you been shopping? I live in Canada and here we have Aritzia, Hollister, Abercrombie, H%26amp;M, Garage, Aeropostale, similar to Victoria Secret is La Senza, it is owned by VS.

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