Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What to wear at Magnet Schools?

im going from a private school to magnet, and ive been in a private all my life. what should I wear? Are we allowed to wear mini skirts? How about tank tops or something? Will I get laughed at if I wear like converse or something ? I%26#039;m used to being like outgoing and really likeable in my last school. Thats why my style is pretty unique among others. Converse, knee high socks, colored hair extensions, im not so scene. Bit of help?

ps - no price range is needed at all.

pps - are we allowed to wear hollister, a%26amp;f, etc?
What to wear at Magnet Schools?
i went to a magnet school for elementary school--- its just like a public school only you get picked out of a bucket.

anyways, you can wear anything as long as its not vulgar or revealing. at my school shorts had to hit beneath your fists when you held them at your sides, and straps had to be wider than 2 of your fingers. no tube tops.
What to wear at Magnet Schools?
of course you can wear hollister and a%26amp;f lol- they aren%26#039;t evil

i don%26#039;t think anyone will laugh at you for wearing converse-they are cute and simple

basically u are allowed to wear anything but disgusting revealing clothing lol. you have to check with the handbook or principle on tube tops and mini skirts.. they may be appropriate to the mall, but not sure for school.

best of luck in your new school!

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