Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beauty help?

i have greenish/blueish eyes and i dnt kno what makeup to wear with them to make them stand out!! help!!
Beauty help?
brown eye shadow/ like neutral tones make green and blue eyes stick out
Beauty help?
I think u should wear blush and like dark eye shadow! I think it works at least on me!!!
Reply:I have a friend who is a really light complected girl with blond/red hair and she has bright green eyes, and she makes them really pop by using a bright greenish gold shadow and blends it up with a medium green it looks great! she uses black mascara too to really bring it out.
Reply:A dark eye shadow like grey.

Answer mine please:
Reply:if i were you i would wear a lite brown or a dark blueish colar cause it will make them stand out trust me i know someone whoe has those color eyes and it looks good on her, but if you want a different color of eyeshadow not brown then try to get contacts that are a different color, good luck keep rockin%26#039;!!!!!!;)))

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