Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What are the *good* things about my friend's appearance?

Ok, my friends is doing chores right now (I%26#039;m at her house), and I%26#039;m on her account. She has really low self-esteem at the moment and I want to raise it back up. What are the good things about her appearance?





PS: I%26#039;m not just saying this and really talking about me like a lot of people do. I%26#039;m a horrible liar and you%26#039;d be able to tell right away if I was just saying this.
What are the *good* things about my friend%26#039;s appearance?
She has a gorgeous complexion and a beautiful face shape and smile!!

EDIT: I also like her beauty mark. She has a very unique look, which is good!
What are the *good* things about my friend%26#039;s appearance?
She looks youthful, young, sophisticated, lively, vivacious, full of vitality and very bold. She is just the right size as well, not to slim, and not to fat.
Reply:her hair%26#039;s pretty.

awesome glasses.

i don%26#039;t know.

tell her to remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hope I Helped!
Reply:She has really Great hair

Also, her eyes are goergeus! (sp?)

She has a very sweet look =)
Reply:she has awesome skin, and bright eyes

her hair looks great in the 3rd one
Reply:she has nice lips
Reply:so jealous of her skin :)
Reply:id **** her if thats wat u mean. she looks like hot nerd

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