Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good kinds or brands of temporary hair dye?

I%26#039;m looking to like put some temporary streaks of some color in my hair for a few days,. Do you know any good kinds that could be easy to use? If possible could you answer some questions like, how long will it take to do it, can you like condition your hair without it all coming out, how long will it last and stuff like that. Thanks allot!
Good kinds or brands of temporary hair dye?

Loreal Castings and Loreal loving care,



never used any others.

yes you can condition without it coming out, you could get conditioner that protects coloured hair. and it shouldn;t take longer than half an hour to do.
Good kinds or brands of temporary hair dye?
african pride. i have used this twice. you can get at cvs for i think $13 it works well,just choose the right color. Its good for streaks and dying the whole head. It takes about 1/2 hour i really cant remember but its no more than that. Mine%26#039;s last more than 3 months both times. the first time it lasted about 9months before my natural color started showing. the 2cnd time i dyed it back to my natural color b4 seeing the last.

For conditioner you definitely have to use color treated shampooo and conditioner and moisturize your hair everyday to make sure it wont all fall out.
Reply:Paul Mitchell is perfect for it!!!!!

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