Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can You Help Me Please?

Okay. Well. my mom always says i%26#039;m pretty. and then some of my mom%26#039;s friends say i%26#039;m pretty. sometimes i think i am, and other times i think i am really ugly..

Would you say someone with fairly pale skin, brown eyes, brown curly hair, a %26quot;pudgy%26quot; nose, hazel eyes, and a fair complexion is pretty??

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Here is a picture. This is my most recent one. and the reason i%26#039;ve been asked this is because i don%26#039;t feel as pretty when i look at pictures as i used to.



[i%26#039;ve already asked this. but then i got an email saying the question was deleted. but i don%26#039;t know.]
Can You Help Me Please?
wdf are u trying to ask, sorry not my tyep
Can You Help Me Please?
i think your beautiful! your skin is perfect! you look prettier in sidebangs.
Reply:You have potential.

And your face looks a little shiny which normally means oil.
Reply:Well, i always say, everyone is pretty in they%26#039;r own way.

Yes even me Haha.

But if you look at yourself and call yourself Ugly ect..

Your mind with tell you and make you keep on thinking that your ugly.

But keep telling youself your pretty and accept compliments off people.

Hope this helped

Craig. 14 year old wounder ;D
Reply:You are pretty. You will come to appreciate beauty more as you get older.
Reply:hmm you%26#039;re not beautiful or anything, but you have a natural beauty. your eyebrows are really far apart though you should see what you can do about that, it would make your face more in proportion. dont give yourself too much esteme, you%26#039;re only a little bit over average.
Reply:hey remember mothers lie to not make you feel bad (a few month ago you were looking better)
Reply:strten your hair more
Reply:So, are your eyes blue?

Or... brown, and hazel?

I%26#039;m thinking gray. I unno man.

what colour are your eyes??

Reply:i love your hair, it%26#039;s so cute!

maybe you should try wearing a little bit of eye makeup just to make your eyes stand out a bit.

it%26#039;s hard to tell from just a picture, but i think you%26#039;re cute.
Reply:honey you are still so young..

I think you are very pretty, what I like about your look, is you dont seem to be one of those tweens or teens that wear tooo much makeup and skanky clothes, I cant believe what some of these little girls wear today.

you are beautiful.
Reply:your not ugly nor beautiful. your pretty for a little girl. but if you want to look better fix your hair a little and wax your eye brows.
Reply:You look a lot better in your second picture.
Reply:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes it burns i just looked at the two uglyest pics in the world wait ill look again ok brace yourself 1.2.3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY EYES THEY BURT AWAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Reply:Be careful of whose approval you are seeking. You look young enough to catch the approval of a pedophile that would like to capitalize on your insecurity.

Wait until you%26#039;re old enough (at least 18) to vote and support children with a job before you start giving a damn about your appearance. If you%26#039;re seeking a job-your appearance should be professional, not personal.

Beware of people that tell you what you want to hear-just so they can get into your pants. It%26#039;s an ugly world out there and posting your picture online is a bad way to look for good people based on your own looks. People should like you for your personality, not your shell. How much would people who like your looks like you if you were disfigured in a terrible accident? That%26#039;s how you know who your real friends are and who really cares about you.
Reply:Honey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You are not ugly but at the same time you will not be winning any Miss America pageants! Inner beauty is always more beautiful than outer beauty! Focus on that instead!
Reply:girl all u really need is to pluck your eye brows, straiten your hair, put on some makeup and brush ur teeth some more or get teeth whitener.

Trust me i was extremly ugly till i changed the way i looked not my personality just my apperance. im still a kid to so i thought it would be good for a change in my looks and i look great.

ur no way near ugly but if u want to u can make ur self pritter buy doing what i said.
Reply:i like the older one better, in the newer one it looks like you are yonger. go back to stright hair and partid bangs. how old are you like 11? it%26#039;s not abig deal what others think of you. your mum%26#039;s all whys going to think that your pretty and you feel pretty then you are. your nose is not as pudgy as you make out i%26#039;v seen much wross and people still think that she%26#039;s cute.
Reply:I am sure you are pretty. You should not worry about it anyway.
Reply:I can say that you look pretty normal, you have very little flaws that can be hidden by a small touch of make up.....If you feel that there is something wrong with the way you look, try letting your hair loose on your forhead.....It will show the roundness of your face.....

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