Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is she sort of pretty?

What do you think, personally.

Do you like dark hair and light eyes?

Is she sort of pretty?
shes ok
Is she sort of pretty?
woahh shes pretty but those eyes cant b real
Reply:She%26#039;s pretty dont get me wrong but the eyes kind of pop out too much. 鈾?br>Reply:ya sexy girl. i rate her 8.5/10
Reply:OMG!! are those her real eyes??????
Reply:pretty but a whore. : D
Reply:yeah. she look pretty to me.

Hope I Helped!
Reply:she shouldnt stick her lips out like that it looks like shes kissing the cameraa:D
Reply:5 out of 10

a little scary looking with the whole wide-eye, squished mouth thing
Reply:Her eyes are very pretty!!
Reply:Amazing coloring! Wow! Her eyes are gorgeous!

Yes, I think she%26#039;s definitely pretty. :)

Please answer mine:

Reply:i%26#039;m tired of seeing this fawking girl.

and no, it%26#039;s not you.

it%26#039;s some chick being posted everywhere like that anamarie girl.
Reply:yeah shes pretty and I love those eyes
Reply:Yes, I%26#039;m guessing that%26#039;s you right. Anyways if you dye your hair black you%26#039;ll look just like Megan Fox from Transformers. That%26#039;s a good thing because all the guys think she%26#039;s hot.

Have confidence girl cus you%26#039;re very pretty.
Reply:she has a really unique look to her i really like it.


if she would lighten her hair it would probably look better.
Reply:I think if she didn%26#039;t open her eyes so wide, she%26#039;d be prettier :]

It would also help if she wasn%26#039;t trying to kiss the camera. She looks kinda like a fish in that picture ;-)

I think if she smiled and held her eyes naturally, she%26#039;d be very pretty; I can see it.
Reply:she would be prettier if she smiled or looked natural, not the pouty lips. we dont need another miley cyrus.
Reply:shed be better is she wasnt making the anal face...
Reply:she scared me a bit but yes she does have beautiful eyes!
Reply:overall she is okay but her eye color is so pretty
Reply:Yeah, she could actually go either way, Darker hair or lighter hair.

She%26#039;s not pretty she%26#039;s beautiful.
Reply:nahh. I%26#039;m not trying to be harsh- yeah i am, I personally think she%26#039;s a little below avg. Just my opinion.
Reply:Sure. I just don%26#039;t like her eyebrows. And the size of her pupils in the picture scare me.
Reply:She%26#039;s got a very pretty face, and her eyes make her look unique and intense.
Reply:yeah ,shes pretty , but tha pictures a little too full on , she needs to tone it down a little .
Reply:yeah she is really pretty!

and her eyes are the best! they are turquiose and light. Her hair perfectly matches!
Reply:she%26#039;s pretty

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